Graphic Tablet - Please recommend

  BigAl127 17:27 27 Aug 2003

Has anyone got or used an half decent graphic tablet that they'd recommend?

I'm thinking of buying one for fairly basic designing and tracing of logos etc, for company signs. Masterpieces aren't required.

Thanx in advance for any info

  -pops- 17:37 27 Aug 2003

I use a Wacom. I've looked at and tried cheaper ones but none are as good, in my opinion, as the Wacom models.

  BigAl127 18:33 27 Aug 2003


Which model do you use? I've looked at the Wacom on Dabs and they start around £40

  -pops- 18:42 27 Aug 2003

The Graphire. Looked at dabs and the Graphire Student seems good - mine cost more than that but I've had it well over a year and it gets used a lot.

  -pops- 18:43 27 Aug 2003

Note it comes with a cordless, batteryless mouse.

  Belatucadrus 19:02 27 Aug 2003

click here worth a look

  BigAl127 19:11 27 Aug 2003

Thanks Belatucardus.

Have you tried that particular model ?

I know Serif products are usually reliable, as I've bought a few software items from Serif, all been well worth the minimal outlay.

  Belatucadrus 22:24 27 Aug 2003

No, I don't do enough graphics work to warrant the purchase, but I've seen people post positively about them and I've personal experience of the Serif no quible returns policy which works fine.

  AndySD 22:50 27 Aug 2003

I use the Nisus G6 click here and am very happy with it. It isnt as good as my partners watcom but at about £70 against the £350 for the watcom of the same size I an not complaining.

  Inigo 10:26 30 Aug 2003

I have a Serif tablet (Slightly lower than the one linked to; this's a serial version); does me fine (I often simply put the mouse in a corner and use it to surf the net, too). A friend of mine got the same as me; his didn't work and Serif took it back, eventually upgrading him from serial to USB connection at no extra cost.

The only problem I have with it is the function buttons at the top - I keep on hitting them accidentally... Can get annoying.

  phoenix4 11:58 30 Aug 2003

I got a Trust 1200 a4 size, it needs AAA battery in mouse and pen - wireless for 70 notes it's great!
My buddy has a Wacom but he's a pro and he's impressed on price & quality

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