Graphic Cards compatability

  Patrick-334794 20:18 20 May 2004

I have emailed all manufacturers concerned but have received no replys, do they want to sell their products?. The problem is i have an upgraded computer which is now fitted with an A7V8X-X motherboard (Asus are the makers) I have requested from them if the ATI AX800 PRO/TD Graphics card is compatable with it. But no answer. I also have emailed ATI with the same request. They to are silent. Can you help please.
or can you recommend a satisfactory Graphics card?

Regards Pat

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:00 21 May 2004

The card will fit your board (as will just about any other) but perhaps you can give us some information as to what the rest of your system is and what you want to do with it.

  mezzanine 14:02 21 May 2004

yup that board will be fine, contains an 8X AGP port, just make sure your psu's up to that task!

  Patrick-334794 21:47 22 May 2004

Many thanks for your suggestions, my system is. CPU Athlon XP 2400
Ram is DDR 768mb

  hugh-265156 08:56 24 May 2004

unless your mobo is quite old you should have no problems using any available agp cards.most have universal voltage slots.

as for x2 x4 x8 etc its all backwards compatable so even if your mobo is only x4 you can still use a x8 card,just at x4 speed(you wont even notice)

click here for more info

  Patrick-334794 09:45 24 May 2004

Many thanks for the AGP info, a great help, i have a gigabyte GV-N595U256V which supports AGP8. The reason for my request was because the graphics card manual, suggested that i may have to change the bios settings, and that i may have a problem with the chipsets on the A7V8X-X motherboard which are Nortbridge Via KT400 or Southbridge Via VT8235. But hopefully i may not have a problem.


  rickimalone 12:42 24 May 2004

Regarding the Asus a7v8x-x the BIOS revison 1009, includes updated ATI compatibility.
I built a PC using the board and it came with BIOS 1008 that was problematic with the ATI installed I updated to the newest BIOS at the time 1009 and it resolved my issues.

The BIOS is availible at:click here

The latest is 1010 which improves it further and also sorts out problems with Samsung memory, I updated using asus auto live update from the cd.
I hope this helps.

  Patrick-334794 20:29 24 May 2004

Hi rickimalone,

Thanks for the info on bios updating. Will give it a try.


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