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  lucylastic 17:43 04 Oct 2004

After many years of use my trusty old HP Brio has nigh on given up the ghost..
I am now looking for a new Pc in what is commonly known as the Super Budget Class..
My problem is being so naive about video cards etc...
I am not what one would call a GAMER more a silver surfer who would just like to become a WW2 fighter pilot ,a new Nigel Mansell, or a train driver once in a while.
Can some one out there please advise on what grahic/video card i need to play these older games.... The market seems like a minefield to plob like me...

  georgemac 18:58 04 Oct 2004

are you building your own or looking for a ready built low cost system?

The real gamers will tell you you need to spend enough to buy a low end pc on a graphics card but I wouldn't dream of it myself.

Older games will be fine on a geforce fx5200 or a readeon 9550 - I think these are the budget modern cards compatible with dx9

what's your budget? Mesh will do a nice whole system for about £650 delivered

  rupie 22:42 04 Oct 2004

I agree it is a mess -9600, x600, 5960,5500,xt, pro etc, blaa,blaa,blaa. wot is the difference between a 5700ultra and a 5700le, and how does this compare to a 9800Pro or 9800XT I am building a pc for the first time and have been reading all the reviews for months on cards and all i can do is get confussed with all the numbers etc. I little, rough giude would help

  Sion 22:58 04 Oct 2004

click here

benchmark comparison of most of the graphics cards on the scene at the moment. Will give you a rough idea of what is the best, down to the very worst.

If you only want to play the occasional game however, i think you'd be ok with something like an Nvidia 5200, or an ATI 9550 card.

What is your budget for a graphics card?

  ste_bla 22:58 04 Oct 2004

A 9600pro or 9600xt which are currently around the 70 mark me thinks will be very good at older games and be okay for brand new games and in my opion offer best bang for buck i own a 9600xt and love it to peices!

  lucylastic 23:50 04 Oct 2004

Thanks folks for your quick response... But bench marks ? XTs ? PROs ? I'm still none the wiser ...
I'm a chiropidist, not a brain surgeon.But again many thanks to one and all.

  simonp1 08:15 05 Oct 2004

The best value card around is the 9800 pro. You can purchase for £130,and is as very quick, will make your games play very well, and if you do choose to purchase new games they will run very well to..You can go for the lower end like 9600, but i found it not a patch on the 9800 pro and for an extra £30 its totally worth it..well i think so..but a 9600 pro is the secong best option for you..

You can purchase the card from here

click here

  georgemac 08:43 05 Oct 2004

benchmarks are where the cards are tested and compared against each other.

I looked at some in the above link, and they varied depending on the game. I was surprised on some how well the older cards performed.

Graphics cards - depends really on the budget you have - most games will play OK on the low end cards - games like doom3 and half life apparently will not (I ma not a gamer - my son plays ut2004 on a geforce4 ti4200 and it looks OK to me)

the newer budget nvidea card is the fx5200 and I think this would probably be OK for you - click here and this is compatible with directx 9 - makes games look better

the 9550 is the radeon offering click here

you could go to ebay and try and pick up a geforce 4 ti4200/4400/4600 possibly for around £40-£50 - they are excellent cards, are agp x8 but not directx 9 compatible - won't stop the games playing but will not have the latest effects.

avoid on board graphics

  BITS&BOBS 13:42 06 Oct 2004

Just upgraded from a Connect3D 9800Pro 3DMark03 score 5980 to an N'VIDA 6800 GT scoring 10200.

Granted I've just paid £280 pounds for it but it's worth it, having said that on a budget the ATI Radeon 9800Pro is the best price/performance card out there at the moment, just dont expect to have all the eye candy turned up though but it still does a great job.

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