Graphic Card for around £70 - £80

  [email protected] 16:13 29 Nov 2004

Looking for a new card to replace my Geoforce 4 440mx 64mb.

My PC is a Athlon 2400+ with 512mb RAM.

I know that its not going to be a huge upgrade and I'm not going to be the fastest kid on the block but I just got Half-life 2 and want to get a taste of the Dx 9 eye candy.

I'm considering a 256MB Radeon 9600 DDR TV out which I can get for £73 click here

I would appreciate your opinion?

  iscanut 16:19 29 Nov 2004

I have just bought a GeForce FX5700 128Mb NVidia for £49.99 in PC World. This is £50 off full price at the moment. I know it's not the fastest etc, but runs all latest games OK and saves spending a lot of money on a card in a system that will be changed next year !

  [email protected] 13:19 30 Nov 2004

Thnaks for that

I have ended up getting a similar used card, Nvidia 5700 A360 TD 128mb card (not the SE/Lite version) from e-bay, £50 inc delivery seems like a reasonable buy, they have been used in shop for display.

Seller still has a few if anyone is interested! click here

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