Got this laptop for £900, good buy?

  Royui 21:37 24 Nov 2015

Hi, I bought this laptop off of a friend (like new. Almost 1 month old) and just double checking I haven't made a huge mistake since inhave a lack of knowledge of the laptop benchmarks.

It's an MSI laptop,16gb ram, gtx 965m, I7-4720 with 128gb ssd and a one tb hdd. Also backlit keys and a 15 inch display.

So is it a decent price or could I have had better? Thanks in advance.

P.s. Would this run Fallout 4 on med to high graphics at a reasonable fps?

  Govan1x 11:38 25 Nov 2015

What is the model number and maybe we could have a look see at the prices.

  Gordon Freeman 11:43 25 Nov 2015

So is it a decent price or could I have had better?

Isn't it a bit late to be worrying/asking those questions if you've already parted with your cash and bought it? As for it running Fallout 4, go to:

click here

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