Got £1000 to spend on new pc HELP appreciated

  Smilingassasin 00:20 18 Mar 2006

HI, hope you people can help got £1000 to spend on a new pc, looking for the best gaming system and hope you people can help.
I had looked at Gamer Ultra 900 from wondered what people think.
Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Thank you very much

  Smilingassasin 00:22 18 Mar 2006

Sorry forgot to add this doesnt need to include monitor

  DrScott 17:56 18 Mar 2006

Especially if you don't need a monitor!

Well I tend to build my PCs, mainly because it's pretty fun and you do get better quality components.

For £1000 you get can a good system. Things I would look for in a gaming rig are an AMD 64bit processor, and whilst you'd be fine without dual core, for the future it'd be worthwhile.

The motherboard should support either Crossfire or SLI graphics set up. Now you don't have to buy one with 2 cards in it at the moment, since you can upgrade later by putting another one of the same chipset and memory size.

Memory - nothing less than 1GB, 2GB if you it's within budget.

Ideally a fast HDD, or even 2 set up in a RAID 0 array - Western Digital Raptors seem to be favoured by gamers, though there are other fast ones by Seagate.

You'll need optical drives etc. but the other components are all relatively cheap and won't affect game play. I would say the PSU for your computer needs to be powerful and reliable. If your building yourself it's worthwhile investing in one separate from the case from a reputable firm.

I'm sorry I've not just given you the name of a good gaming PC, but I hope some of the tips will aid your choice. Building one is worthwhile, but that's up to you - many will say it's hardly worth the effort!

  Totally-braindead 18:16 18 Mar 2006

As above advice and get a decent make power supply don't get a cheap one, make sure it has a good rating at least 450 watts. Raptors are good hard drives and I think they are the fastest on the market but I have heard they are noisy, I suppose because they spin faster. Get SATA rather than IDE drives, theres not much difference in price and they are faster. Make sure you get the original Windows XP CD Rom, some systems just come with windows on a partition but they tend to be budget £300 ones and at the price of yours you should get the disk. I'll post back again once I've had a look at this PC you're looking at.

  Totally-braindead 18:22 18 Mar 2006

You gave the wrong address by the way it should have been cyber not cyper. So its click here

  Totally-braindead 18:48 18 Mar 2006

Have you had a look at the Budget PCs in this months PCA magazine, they are similar to the one you are looking at but the prices include a 17 or 19" TFT, if you saw one you liked and could phone them you could buy them without a monitor and save a bit.

  Smilingassasin 21:54 18 Mar 2006

Thanks, it looks pretty good to me but im not an expert at all which is why I posted, thanks for the advice so far but recommendations for specific systems from companies would be great

  Dellman 21:55 18 Mar 2006

Have you tried Mesh?

  Smilingassasin 21:57 18 Mar 2006

Heard about there not so brilliant support and service so thought I would steer clear

  DrScott 12:52 19 Mar 2006

The Scan XS systems have been rated as rather good in the past - - plus you can almost completely customise it.

  Totally-braindead 14:13 19 Mar 2006

Dellman I knew you would appear and say that.

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