The Goon Shows On My WiFi Radio.Help Needed.

  Big L 266 12:45 01 Oct 2010


I was having a look at the various genres within my wifi radio last night and chanced on the 'Comedy' genre. Clicking to 'All Stations' and scrolling down,I found an entry simply called 'The Goon Shows'.

I tuned in and indeed the station plays only full-length episodes of The Goon Shows back-to-back with no adverts.I'm a mid-fifties chap and don't remember many of them ever being broadcast in my lifetime.The finest one I do recall is 'The China Story' available sadly in cut-down form from EMI who have removed the music and songs.

I've been having a grand old laugh at the comedy genius of The Goon Shows.I find them very funny with their absurd plots and scripts but recognise that it takes comic genius to write and perform.It appeals to my sense of humour.

Are there any Goon fans who could direct me to any website where I can legally purchase and download episodes please? Indeed,just how many episodes were there though? I really find them hilarious and would love to have a few on my computer to play.

They really have been an antidote to counter my two main medical conditions of 'arfur' and 'fibro'!

Thank you.

Big L 266

  Jameslayer 21:18 02 Oct 2010

click here google threw up this link.

  KremmenUK 06:58 04 Oct 2010

It may take a while but if you want Mr Greenslade etc within the ½ hr shows then I would suggest buying all the CD's. Amazon have a fair selection.

There are now 27 of them (I've got the lot) plus some rare ones on LP that you need to hunt down.

Does anyone remember the Goons 'Bridge over the River Wye' for example. It's a take on their 'African Incident' but more subtle in places.

"The prison camp was full of prisoners who had sworn to die rather than be captured" :)

  Big L 266 08:23 04 Oct 2010


Jameslayer....Brilliant link but my goodness! So many episodes! So much money!

KremmenUK....Not THE Kremmen of the Star Corp with Carla and the Professor who can't pronounce his r's? I enjoy listening to The Goon Show radio station and laughed loudly about the last tram from Kingsway underpass before it was turned into flats!

My favourite,minus the music,is 'The China Story'.

Just wondering out loud here but do you think they could be recreated using original scripts by current well-known actors and comedians. Who would be most suited to re-record them?

Big L 266

  KremmenUK 12:43 04 Oct 2010

The one 'sort of comedian' I find extremely funny is a northerner called 'Blaster Bates'.

He was a gelignite expert and used to go round knocking down chimneys, removing large tree trunks and anything that needed a little bit more oomph.

His stories, as told to round table and rotary meetings and recorded for LP are hillarious.

Not many people know that 'Knicker Brook' at Oulton Park was named by him.

Lots of examples of Blaster Bates' humour on YouTube

click here

You're right he is funny (ripe language may offend some delicate ears)!

  KremmenUK 15:02 04 Oct 2010

Thanks for the link :-)

  john bunyan 18:48 04 Oct 2010

If your wifi radio can, using a headphone socket out to your PC soundcard "in" be connected so the sound comes out of the speakers, you could record the show in real time using (in my case) Roxio 2010, or free Audacity. Set to capture sound from speaker output.Just like in the old days when I taped the Goons on a reel to reel 10" tape recorder.You can save in MP3 format if you like for iPod or other listening.

  Big L 266 19:13 04 Oct 2010


j.b....Thats a great idea j.b.Thanks.I'm searching for their online broadcasts after this to see where they're based and what the format is.I can then record them into WinAmp via my Asus Xonar in real time.I forgot I could that!

Oh the pleasure of reel-to-reel - I had two Akai open reelers one with Dolby many years ago. I recorded from the radio then as well. Off to do some research!

Thanks for that.

Big L 266

  john bunyan 19:26 04 Oct 2010

I still have my valve Akai 10" reel to reel with so many tapes - I keep meaning to capture them - I think I have most of "Round the Horn" and loads of music. I made my own FM roof aerial and recorded via a Leak tuner and amplifier. I think the quality of sound was as good then, (42 years ago) as it is now... (no doubt someone will disagree, but I remember Shure SMe arms, Quad valve amps etc.wit nostalgia.

  KremmenUK 06:53 05 Oct 2010

The memories:

The Goons
Round the Horne
The Navy Lark
The Embassy Lark
Clitheroe Kid
Al Read

what have I missed ?

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