Google Toolbar question

  Fateful Shadow 12:30 23 Aug 2003

Is it worth me downloading this toolbar? I've read about it and it collects information about the sites you visit. The reason why I'm wary of downloading it is just in case they collect and info about me!

Does anybody else use this? If so, is it really worth it?


  powerless 14:36 23 Aug 2003

Well yeah!

It has a pop up stopper, which i think is a little buggy as it stops a page opening when try to run a google search by highlighting the word a right click clicking "Google Search".

The Auto fill feature is very useful. Although i would not enter my card details.

  -pops- 14:46 23 Aug 2003

"it collects information about the sites you visit"

Not quite correct. It collects information about sites visited. This is not the the same as "sites YOU visit". It collects statistical information about the number of hits that sites get, not what you, yourself, are looking at.

Even if it did log the sites you visit, considering the astronomically large number of people using Google, you would have be be extreeeeeeemely unlucky to get picked on for anything other than a statistical analysis.

Don't get paranoic about Google. It is the world's most used search engine and almost certainly the most comprehensive.

  Way1 17:06 23 Aug 2003

Agree with pops entirely.

  The Idle one 18:54 23 Aug 2003

There are 2 options when you d/l the toolbar - one with the tracker & one without.
It actually gives you the option & confirmation before d/l.
i use it - it is fast & gives good resultws

  powerless 18:59 23 Aug 2003
  wee eddie 19:25 23 Aug 2003

I have an extra IE Window with Google as it's home page, which I keep minimised if I am likely to be doing searches while on another site.

eg. as now

  david.h 17:14 24 Aug 2003

it is very good, pop stopper better than other stoppers i have tried, news button very good for latest world news, no knowledge if it feed backs sites visited but i have none to hide anway

  -pops- 17:31 24 Aug 2003

The reason Google tracks sites visited is to build up a data base so that in any search the most popular sites are listed first or at least towards the beginning of the listing instead of on page 1000 as they may be if arranged in another way.

It is not tracking personal visits of any user to any website.

  suzie005 18:05 24 Aug 2003

i had the old one but downloaded the's brilliant.

  spuds 22:21 24 Aug 2003

Google Toolbar--great add on. Sure stops the pop-ups amongst other things.

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