Google Earth Installation

  Dannyb 21:24 26 Aug 2011

I have several times downloaded and installed Google Earth onto my desktop running Windows 7 but each time, after installation, I cannot find the programme to open it. It does not appear in 'All [email protected] and there is no icon on the desktop. Can anybody help me find it? Thanks.

  iscanut 22:19 26 Aug 2011

My version shows in Program Files and is in the following path

C:...Program Files\Google\Google Earth\client

Hope this helps. I think when I installed it, a shortcut was placed on my desktop so not sure what is happening to your install.

  canarieslover 11:23 27 Aug 2011

Same thing has just happened to me. As iscanut says C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Earth\client is where the 'googleearth.exe' file is and you just need to right click on it and create shortcut. Cut and paste shortcut to your desktop. Like you I installed it several times without getting it to appear as a shortcut or even in the 'Start' menu. I had no problems with my previous installation on my other hard drive but this is a clone of of that, although previous to installing Google Earth on it.

  Dannyb 11:59 27 Aug 2011

Thanks iscanut and canarieslover, got it on my desktop now. Can't understand why it doesn't appear in my programmes though. Very strange.

  sunnystaines 08:43 28 Aug 2011

some clean up programes mess wih google earth, if you use ccleaner deselect the tick in the google earth option.

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