Google Cool hidden Features!

  BEN MARSHALL 20:53 08 Dec 2005
Locked has advanced searching capabilities like if you type in Google "how many days are there in a year" Google Calculator will work it out and tell you e.g. "5+5" or "5*5"

+ Add
- Minus
/ Divide
* Times
5Squared = Squared
5cubed = Cubed

Did anybody realise Google has a Calculator?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:50 08 Dec 2005

Google Search: More, more, more
click here

  Stuartli 15:16 09 Dec 2005

There are at least two 200 plus pages books about Google and the incredible feats/searches which can be carried out using it...:-)

I have the How to Do Everything with Google book at the moment, which is written by three Google employees/

  Stuartli 15:18 09 Dec 2005

But I'm somewhat puzzled about these answers...

  phono 16:17 10 Dec 2005

"5+5" or "5*5"
But I'm somewhat puzzled about these answers...

Why are you puzzled, they work okay for me?

Are you by any chance mistaking this as the answer to "how many days are there in a year".

If so it is a simple misunderstanding, these are other examples of questions you can type into the Google search bar.

  Stuartli 22:52 10 Dec 2005

>>"how many days are there in a year" Google Calculator will work it out and tell you e.g. "5+5" or "5*5">>

That's precisely what you have written...:-)

In any case there's two possible answers.

  Stuartli 22:53 10 Dec 2005

..that's precisely what was written...

  phono 09:23 12 Dec 2005

I agree that is what was written but not, I believe, what was meant, admittedly it could have been phrased better, but I am sure you understand what BEN MARSHALL meant to say.

  BEN MARSHALL 18:09 12 Dec 2005

Thank you for supporting me Stuartli, Admittedly Phono I did not phrase it correctly, sorry for any inconvenience.

Ben Marshall

  phono 21:22 12 Dec 2005

And here was me thinking I was supporting you, I understood what you were saying and was just trying to explain.

Oh well!

  phono 00:25 14 Dec 2005

I am disappointed that I seem to be taking the blame for another's misunderstanding of your initial post.

You seem to imply that the person who questioned your initial posting about Google's advanced features was, in fact,supporting your case, might I suggest that you read the postings again.

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