Google Chome Browser, anyone??

  rickf 20:47 16 Jan 2010

Thinking of chnaging to Chrome as my default browser after having used IE for yrs. It's problematic quite regularly and now with it being declared insecure by the German government, its the push I need.
What's your experience of Chrome or indeed Firefox?

  AL47 20:57 16 Jan 2010

love love love firefox.. its extensions/themes are invaluble in saving time etc, its quite resource heavy, but most comps with 2GB+ ram can handle it

ive tried chrome, too basic imo 2 different markets

  Woolwell 21:01 16 Jan 2010

Have tried IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. There are advantages and disadvantages with them all.
Safari I no longer use and Opera comes 4th.
I find Chrome opens quickly and seems faster. On the downside it doesn't support toolbars. I like the Google toolbar and the feature which allows you to quickly find the text that you searched for on the webpage. I find not having this immediately to hand irritating.
IE8 I quite like but find opening a new tab slow.
Firefox I find to be slow opening and to me text is not quite as sharp. Otherwise I like it.
Firefox for me.

  rickf 21:01 16 Jan 2010

Thanks AL47. Noted

  AL47 21:16 16 Jan 2010

a few addons

all in one sidebar
auto fill forms
youtube downloader
mouse gestures
WOT [sites are safe or unsafe depending on users ratings, brilliant!]
google web page preview

30+ in total, 15 of which id really miss

  interzone55 21:39 16 Jan 2010

The idea behind chrome is that it's fast, and leaves as much of the screen as free as possible for the web page, so multiple toolbars and extensions are a big no-no.

The reason for this is that Chrome was designed as a platform for running web-based applications, such as Google Docs.

I've been using Chrome since the first public beta, and it's perfect for my needs, but it may not be for everyone.

This story may be of interest to people still using IE click here

  onionskin 21:47 16 Jan 2010

If Google were using Chrome, they wouldn't be suffering attacks via IE, would they?

  MAJ 22:01 16 Jan 2010

"This story may be of interest to people still using IE"

Extra large yawn......

  Forum Editor 23:52 16 Jan 2010

from Speakers Corner.

  Forum Editor 23:53 16 Jan 2010

since it first appeared. I doubt that I'll change back to IE now, or to anything else. come to that.

  [email protected] 01:39 17 Jan 2010

Wasn't is the host computers attacking Google that were running IE? Regardless, there's bound to be computers running Windows at the Google headquaters and having Windows = having IE

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