Google Changes?

  Sir Radfordin 17:29 04 Dec 2003

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The BBC (et al) are reporting that Google changes are angering web businesses. Whilst this may be true, what does it say about the Internet?

Does Google really have some form of duty to industry to provide a service that allows them to bring in so many additional customers?

Are we going to see people claiming that Google should become a public company and that the Government should run it?

In my mind google should be free to do what it wants with it's website. If they stop meeting the needs of its customers then they will no doubt change or someone else will become the search engine of choice. But do business really have a right to be angered at these changes? It isn't like they pay to be in the search listings.

In my mind at least this opens up lots of questions about Google and the way the Internet works. What do others think?

  The Spires 21:51 04 Dec 2003

I don't use Google anymore for the above reason.

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