google bar for IE

  brian990 20:31 11 Sep 2003

Does anyone have any thoughts on the google bar browser for internet explorer on xp.

has anybody had any problems after installing, and is there any issues with spyware reporting back to google...........................

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:44 11 Sep 2003

The bar is one of the most useful add-ons that I have ever used. Even if it has the ludicrously named 'spyware' it reports your meanderings ANONYMOUSLY. They can also sell the info to marketing companies to raise a bit of cash, as Google is Someone has to pay somewhere. Install it and don't get paranoid about spyware.....we are not in a James Bond film.


  bvw in bristol 20:44 11 Sep 2003

No problems at all. Built-in pop-up stopper as well.

Install it, you won't regret it.

  -pops- 20:56 11 Sep 2003

There is an extensive explanation about what Google does with information it collects in the Google Privacy Policy.

What it does is collect information about the frequency that websites are accessed so that it can select the popular ones in preference to more obscure ones. If your search criteria has 1,000,000 references, it is far better to have the most likely hits at the top of the list than arranged in any other way.

What it does not do is spy on you.

  brian990 21:00 11 Sep 2003


Thanks for your thoughts...But my paranoia stems from microsoft and all this viruses and trojans and what ever else is out there on the internet..

Oh! and is my webcam watching me right now.

only joking don`t have a webcam.......but everyone seems to want to put something in their software or why the paranoia with adaware and spybot.

Thanks to all..............

  comsuppwor 22:19 11 Sep 2003

Do I Install it???
One step at a time please,Thats if some nice person answers.*:0>

  SheffieldSpy 23:32 11 Sep 2003

I'm not sure if it applies to the google bar, but the Google website writes a cookie to your hard disk, which is due to expire in 2039 (I think). In it it apparently records every search that you make.

  SheffieldSpy 23:37 11 Sep 2003

I think, but not certain, that you can customise the Internet Explorer search facility to look up results in Google. I'll try getting the google search, as I only seem to get MSN at the moment.

  bvw in bristol 23:56 11 Sep 2003
  nkosi 08:35 12 Sep 2003

I can only endorse what everybody else says. It's a wonderful piece of kit to have under your mouse pointer. How does Google always know exactly what I'm looking for? And finds 100,000 links to it in .32 seconds? And that pop-up blocker - how satisfying to get a little pop and a flash as it consigns another ad to the ether and adds it to the tally. It's like a fighter pilot painting kills on his fuselage! I even use the autofill for filling in forms, which I'm afraid will give the paranoids amongst us the heebie jeebies.

  Patr100 10:56 12 Sep 2003

I am probably due to expire before 2039 so I am not worried about a harmless cookie.

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