Goods not recieved

  rugpig 10:10 10 Mar 2003

I ordered Norton SystemWorks 2003 Pro $39.99 on 19/feb/2003 and £30.45 was deducted from my account on 21/feb/2003 by mastercard.I believe the company click here are from america. No software has arrived as yet and an email to same sent 07/march/2003 has been unanswered. Please, does anyone know how I can either get the product or money back.
Thanks in advance.

  davidg_richmond 11:00 10 Mar 2003

hmmm PO Box with no company name for cheques. just doesnt look professional or reliable to me.

contact your credit card company, they will try to get their money back and will re-imburse you (not all straight away though).

stick with honest British retailers who give phone numbers and full business addresses.

  hoverman 11:53 10 Mar 2003

Sounds a bit dodgy to me. $39.99 is just over £25 at today's exchange rate. Have they taken too much or is the extra £5+ for shipping charges?

  hoverman 11:58 10 Mar 2003

Afterthought. If your package has been shipped at the Surface rate it could be a while longer before it arrives. I had a package sent by Surface from the States on January 30th and it arrived on Thursday of last week.

  davidg_richmond 13:20 10 Mar 2003

hoverman, quite right if its sent normal rate it can take ages, took over a month for a partner company to send a customer of mine a cd because the normal rate was paid - they get left in a hold while higher priority mail gets on the plane. best use a proper courier but that option was probably not available.

  anchor 19:42 10 Mar 2003

I would be suspicious of a company that expects you to enter your CC details on a non secure site.

Despite what they say, it is not a secure site, -https:\\ with a padlock on the task bar.

click here

However, it can take a long time for CD`s to arrive from the USA, so I would not be too woried at this stage. I once waited about 2 months.

  spuds 01:13 11 Mar 2003

I am always a bit suspect about these sort of adverts, especially as there are not much information about the people or company.A similar advert appeared in a UK computer magazine last November. The prices were very low, for the products that they were offering.My suspicions were raised when I found the site was un-secure and all the dealing were via a box number.Never did see a repeat of that advert or the company mentioned. The website no longer exists.

Did you not receive a confirmation email etc. to your order.Give it another week or two, then contact your credit card company.I have had cdroms from English companies like Savapoint, and they have taken 5 weeks to deliver.Other companies that I have had dealings with, have delivered within a couple of days. Companies that have sent me cd's from America have usually taken about 10 days.So in general it all depends on the company, and their business practises.

  Andsome 08:25 11 Mar 2003

PC World have had a few canings on this website, but surely it is better to deal with the devil that you know. If they are not local, someone else will be, or there are always online company's in this country.

  jazzypop 23:57 11 Mar 2003

Beware Of Spam Selling Cheap Software (e.g. Norton SystemWorks) - click here

  davidg_richmond 00:20 12 Mar 2003

indeed it could be an illegal copy. i hope for rugpig everything is above board and the software is delivered legal and quickly, but to be safe i would recommend cancelling your card - especially if it is an illegal copy ('NO RETAIL PACKAGING INCLUDED. Manuals Built Into Programs!' certainly screams that in neon lights).

  davidg_richmond 00:27 12 Mar 2003

received spam from this site click here just after looking at softwareguys. am i just paranoid or is the layout and insecure ordering scarily familiar? somebody's got to do something about this....

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