rickimalone 13:34 23 Jul 2004

I have in the past guilty of not speaking highly of Big High Sreet elecrtical chains, but today I have been proved wrong!!!

I bought a Sony TRV22 digital camcorder from dixons last year on special offer at the time for £549.

About a month ago I spent a day with mydaughter on the beach doing hours of filming, when I got home and went to play it back the video playback on both the tv and LCD sceen had thick black horizontal lines going accross it.
I tried all old and new tapes alike all having the same problem.

I dug out my reciept and and thought this will be fun!!!, I had'nt bought there expensive insurance option!

I called Dixons and they gave me the number of a company called mastercare who I called and informed me to take the unit to my local store who would in-turn send it to them for repair.

That was the 7th of July, not starting work today until 5pm I thought i'd give mastercare a call to see how its going, Now this is the funny bit mastercare havent even recieved the camcorder!!

In a slight panic and an on-coming rage I called the dixons store and informed the manager of my concerns, he was very polite and took my number and adv he will look into it and call me back within 5mins.

True to his word he called within 5mins and adv just to staff shortages my little camcorder only left the store this week!!!

"now at this point my temp was rising a bit", but what he said next was good stuff:

" sir were are most sorry for the delay in the camcorder being sent for repair but Dixons have a 28day repair policy from the day you return the unit , and this means if you dont walk into Dixons on the 5th of August and recieve your fixed camcorder we will give you a brand new one!!!

And that was music to my ears and also boosted my faith in the company, now I just hope that mastercare have a bit of sickness and when I go in on the 5th of August i'm handed a brand new shiney one!!!!

  harps1h 14:27 23 Jul 2004

that is dixon groups standard policy.
i had a mobile faulty and it was back to me by post within a week and working perfectly.
they will always try to effect a repair in the first instant

  Stuartli 14:42 23 Jul 2004

It must be wonderful to be so easily pleased.....

  rickimalone 15:37 23 Jul 2004

I thought that it was a bit of a result my-self, and if they cant meet the 5th of August deadline, then yes I will be very happy.

What more could I want, my item to be repaired within 28days or a brand new one all without extra insurance? maybe I've been wronged to many times but it seems as if Dixons are taking care of me here.

  TBH1 16:25 23 Jul 2004

yep, I'm with rickimalone here; although it is the service we deserve, it ain't always the case.

Keep us posted mate.

  SEASHANTY 16:28 23 Jul 2004

Just a note : As well as Currys and PC World DSG
(Dixons Retail Group) also own Mastercare.

  rickimalone 16:29 23 Jul 2004

Yes I'm not trying to say that Dixons are going past and beyond there normal duties, but the amount of times ive been into shops were no one knows whats going on and they could quite easiely looked to have offered and refurbished unit are just simply made me wait.

Just amde me smile and I thought i'd pass on the nicer side of being a consumer which I think is sometimes over looked and I spend ages reading through complaint after complaint, which for me is quite refreshing.

Will upadte to let you know how it gets on thanks for all imput Ricki.

  Stuartli 16:35 23 Jul 2004

In view of the fact you only discovered by accident that it had not been sent back for repair, I really can't understand why you are praising the so-called "service".

Dixons has merely attempted to correct what was a very poor level of customer service in the first place, which has left you without the use of the camcorder for far longer than necessary.

  rickimalone 16:44 23 Jul 2004

I undertand your comments fully, but I belive that the manner and productive way in which I was dealt with was appropraite.

The manager was polite informative and apologetic, my concern was resoved with 5mins and the companies policy of 28days repair garantee has ensured me that if they dont meet that commitment that I will be a happy customer.

Too many times ive spent hours ringing people who dont quite know whats going on and rarley resolve the issue quickley or politley, so for me I was happy how they were honest and got back to me in 5mins to clarify the whole situation and the procedures but in place by the company to ensure that if i'm without my camera for 28days+ im rewarded with a new one?

For me that's all I ask for and was just happy that I got it with one phone call, no aguring and no incompetent staff which has made a potentail flash point between myself and Dixons void.

Again if they had sent it straight away yes I would have had it back now, but mistakes happen and I accept that but when a mistake happens and a company resolves it in the manner that Dixons group and staff has for me that makes me a happy consumer :)

  Stuartli 16:55 23 Jul 2004

I agree with what you say about the reaction from Dixons, but feel you should consider it as the least you could expect rather than apparently be somewhat taken aback.

I've bought the odd item in Dixons over the years and, if anything has been out of order, it has been sorted out promptly and without drama.

That's precisely what I expect to happen - no more, no less.

  Al94 17:05 23 Jul 2004

Loud round of applause Stuartli, that's all any of us expect from any retailer. Sadly experience leads us often to be taken aback when it actually happens!

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