Good VFM? I think so

  sdf 17:58 04 Sep 2003

Recently purchased this, hope this link works... click here If not from, the Linksys router Quicklinx code 2965WS. Seems looking at similar spec products your getting a Wireless router as well for £10 or at a lower price then their non Wi-Fi counterparts. fairly niche market, but if you have a number of Desktops and a laptop and Broadband or ADSL this would solve ur networking needs well. Also PAINFULLY easy to set up! plug it together and it just goes.... literally! Also Linksys offer (in my experience) unrivaled support for all levels of skill

  rickf 21:15 04 Sep 2003

sdf, do you have to plug it into your adsl modem. What about configuring the lan cards on the other pcs? I am kind of tempted by your info.
but I suspect you make it sound too easy by your excitement. V. glad that you are pleased.

  sdf 22:03 04 Sep 2003

The ease does some what depend on your ISP, I use NTL who offer DCHP (which automatically obtains IP addresses so as I say, plug it in and away you go!), but if your ISP uses static IP addressing its still very easy. Your ISP will provide you with all the information you require, and yes you do plug you ADSL modem into the router (which has a inbuilt firewall for added security I might add. it obviously isnt as good as an updatable software one like Zonealarm (free download from this site) or Norton, but it provides an additional layer of security. Lan cards are also easy to configure, I might suggest sticking with Linksys (just to ensure compatibility (never heard of incompatibility but...)). All of the above information is provided in a REALLY easy to understand quick start guide. I am a networking novice, and from this guide I just, well did it! they tell you EVERYTHING you need to know. If you do have any problems as I said Linksys' support is amazing. Email them, about any related topic and within 24 hours you will get an in depth reply catering to all levels of compitancy. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask me, Ill try and help

  rickf 08:21 05 Sep 2003

Thanks, Good to know and yes I my ISP offers dynamic IPs.

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