Is this good value??

  musicman100 20:37 04 Apr 2005


I'm thinking of getting this system

click here

£894 including VAT and shipping.( It cheaper in the small business section for some reason)

I've upgraded the 19inch to the 1905FP 19" UltraSharpTM - is the screen any good for games and DVD.

All I will need to add is a DVD writer and speakers about another £70 so complete system £964.

Any one got a Dimension XPS Gen-4?

What do people think of the value of the above??



  LastChip 22:59 04 Apr 2005

Dell have traditionally stuck with Intel processors and as such, you will always pay a premium as compared to an AMD based system.

I note you mentioned DVD's and games. I use a TFT (flat screen) to watch DVD's sometimes and find it perfectly acceptable. Having said that, no TFT is as good as a normal (CRT) monitor for graphics, and particularly for advanced gaming. So if your into that, I would suggest you stay with a conventional monitor. You get a smearing sometimes in fast moving sequences due to the pixel time to change being slower than a CRT, and loose some definition.

AMD are winning the speed war for gaming, and again, if this is a high priority for you, an AMD based system would probably be a better bet and better value for money. You could build (or buy) a high end AMD based system for a similar cost.

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