Good Service from MESH

  AlanHo 10:05 24 Oct 2003

Mesh computer 18 months old and still under warranty.

Case fan has become very noisy and vibrates badly. For a quick fix since it was a cheap item - tried to buy a replacement - but local computer stores did not stock 92mm dia fans.

Telephoned MESH Saturday 18th October at about 10.00 a.m. Gave up after waiting on line for 20 minutes so sent Email asking them to post a replacement for me to fit.

2.30 pm received Email stating that they would not post a replacement but were arranging for a service engineer to come fix it ASAP.

Tuesday 21st October - MESH service rang to make an appointment - fixed for Friday between 9.0 am and 1.0 pm to suit my availability.

Friday 24th 9.30 am Engineer arrives and fixes problem within 10 minutes.

Hence I am quite happy with MESH service.

  Wes Tam ;-) 16:44 24 Oct 2003

It's nice to here praise for a change.

We need to hear the positives as well as the negatives to get a balanced view of the suppliers.

I agree. I have bought a Mesh PC and so far I have NO complaints with them whatsoever. They were polite at ordering(showroom), sent an invoice within 2 days, delivered a working PC on time, and to boot phoned me up on the day of delivery to ask whether the PC had been delivered and everything was ok. By what I am hearing constantly through out these forums, Mesh seems to be getting a bad reputation with it's customer care. I have been fortunate enough to not need after-sales support yet, but will update if I do.

  Sir Radfordin 14:35 27 Oct 2003

Good job I sit down to use my computer ;)

  AlanHo 14:58 27 Oct 2003

To add to my original message I would add that I have two computers - a 4 year old Evesham and the more recent MESH.

Neither have been fault free - but both companies have been very helpful when problems have occurred. From my experience - telephoning either can be frustrating - both keep you waiting for ages but my Emails have normally been responded to with reasonable promptness.

Some months ago I suffered from a self inflicted problem - I had to reformat my hard disc and reinstall Windows XP on my MESH computer. I did not have a clue how to do it - having never done an OS install from scratch - so asked MESH for help in using the supplied Recovery CD ROM. They Emailed me by return a very informative set of instructions which enabled me - a novice - to do the job with no problems.

I have noted the bad publicity given to MESH in this forum and sympathise with the victims. However - it aint all bad - and there must be lots of customers like me who are happy with their service - the difference being that I am one of the minority that has now advertised the fact.

You can stand up now Sir Radfordin - and salute great service.

  Sir Radfordin 16:26 27 Oct 2003

I've been saying for nearly 2 years what great service Mesh give. Still people choose to spend more money elsewhere.

  Pumas 17:36 27 Oct 2003

This is where things get disproportionate. Let?s ignore the fact that only a few that get good service post. If these were complaints then each individual would have a separate thread so even as it is, the same amount of praise will not balance out the complaints.

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