Good Reason For On-site Having To Be Back To Base

  bfoc 22:59 23 Feb 2006

Just wanted to register good service from two companies - especially because I was suspicious at first.

My daughter has a desktop from Evesham with on-site warranty and on Sunday she phoned to say she was getting no picture from the computer on her monitor. Worrying as her dissertation is due in shortly!

She was able to hear Windows booting and checked with another monitor and cable so we were pretty sure it was the graphics card.

I phoned Evesham and an engineer called first thing Weds morning and agreed it was the graphics card. There was no graphics card in the package he had and after conversation he said that it would have to go back to Evesham and would take up to 10 days. My daughter was concerned and I was confused - a graphics card is a 'simple' on-site job.

Phoned Evesham (thanks Sebastian) and they explained that they no longer stock AGP cards, which the machine used, but that they were going to replace the motherboard so they could fit a PCI-E card. I explained about the dissertation and I suggested that I buy a cheap AGP card so my daughter can do her dissertation. Evesham agreed and said that once she can do without the machine they would pick it up and fit a new motherboard and graphics card. A solution I and my daughter are happy about.

I placed an order with Dabs at lunchtime Weds and it arrived with my daughter at 9:09 this morning!

Thanks to all involved for helping to sort things out!

  oresome 12:52 24 Feb 2006

I think you resolved the situation.

If you hadn't been so resourceful, the service from Evesham would have been quite frustrating.

  bfoc 13:03 24 Feb 2006

It might have been frustrating - but I can understand that companies who usually deal in ordering thousands of items cannot keep stocks of older items - my daughters machine is 2.5 years old.

I was impressed that they were willing to upgrade both the motherboard and graphics card and that they were happy to wait to do this until my daughter has finished her work.

For me it was an example of common sense meaning everyone ended up happy!

  WhiteTruckMan 13:53 24 Feb 2006

That a large(ish) company like evesham no longer stock them? Surely this cant be right?


  bfoc 19:32 24 Feb 2006

On their assembly side it would seem so.

Presumably they are 'geared' to large not small scale parts orders.

I thought that they would have found it cheaper to 'keep' a number of AGP cards for swapping from machines like my daughters rather than replacing the motherboard and graphics card - but obviously they haven't found that.

Just underlines how quickly things move now!

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