Is this a good offer (Gaming PC)

  JoshBond 05:23 10 Jul 2012

This PC looks good as it is quite cheap and claims to be able to run wow on high/ultra but will it really or is it just a marketing ploy if so what pc should I get?

  JoshBond 05:25 10 Jul 2012
  frybluff 23:27 10 Jul 2012

Don't play WOW, myself, but from technical specs, it's not actually particularly demanding.

This "base" system could run it, at good settings, although 2GB of RAM is a bit of a joke. I would definately suggest upgrading that, to at least 4, preferably 8GB, depending what else you want to do. Then you need an operating system, which puts your price close to £500, for what is still a fairly basic system.

A lot depends on what else you want to play. Unless you upgrade graphics card and CPU, there's a lot it won't play. Whilst the site does have a lot of upgrade options, I suspect you could buy cheaper elsewhere. This may, of course, be a very good company, but I don't know them, to comment.

If you can give an idea what, if any, other games you want to play, it would be possible to advise further.

  [email protected] 19:06 11 Jul 2012

The description of that PC is so exaggerated (to the point that it's laughable!) makes me very weary of that company. It also states "Windows 7 Ready" which to me appears to be an attempt to imply that it comes loaded with Windows 7 when in fact it probably means that it comes with no Operating System.

The computer I linked to in your previous thread is vastly superior to this. My advice - avoid...

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