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  osben 10:07 14 Aug 2003


I use AOL 8 dial up for my ISP which I upgraded to via a download when it became available. Unfortunately my "block e-mail" database does not work. I was told by tech services that a file was corrupted on download and to solve the matter they would post a CD to me to allow me to do a complete re-load.

Well! still waiting after some seven reminders and several promises.

Sent e-mail to Vice President of Members Service but he has not bothered to respond.

Therefore time to move on so can anyone suggest a good RELIABLE alternative ISP.

I am on their £15.99 Flat Rate Monthly plan.

Looked at Tesco - not impressed
Heard bad stories about Tiscali and Freeserve


  JoeC 10:33 14 Aug 2003

Clara before getting Broadband - I would have stayed with them but they, at that time, did not do BB in my area. Check them out at

click here

Their support service was superb.

  TechMad 11:22 14 Aug 2003

Try the ISP from Auntie - click here

V21 have good rates, but trying to connect is hard.

I have also tried Breathe, but they keep sending me emails to update my "Launcher" to one from Vital Registrations. Have done so, but still the emails arrive.

  livewire 12:25 14 Aug 2003

Well any thing other than AOL really.

I want to leave AOL and Be free with freeserve!

  osben 14:47 14 Aug 2003

It's a good start.

If anyone else has any suggestions would be appreciated.


  palinka 15:51 14 Aug 2003

I've been with freeserve since the time when they really were free - ie no subs and no dial-up charge. There have been accasional glitches, but they've always been sorted. Why not give them a try. I now use Freeserve Anytime, which gives me 24/7 for £14.99

  Gizmo 16:36 14 Aug 2003

I have been using NTL world for three years, and I have found them excellent, I rarely or never get an engaged tone.

  Tenner 17:19 14 Aug 2003

Last month somebody here suggested I look at click here and I finished up with award winner click here - competitive rates for 24/7 and no complaints so far- touch wood !

Hope it helps


  osben 09:43 15 Aug 2003

for your help everybody.

Still no reply from AOL or a CD so i'm on the move.


I have been using tiscali for ages and encountered no problem. I have upgraded to their BB with free modem and registration. No sweat so far.

  Djohn 19:03 16 Aug 2003

You can pick up the CD from any of the major stores, B & Q Comet or even Dixon's now. If you are still interested in staying with AOL, mail me and I will explain how to receive the full broadband from them for £19.99 per month, all equipment free! I'm on their B/B an it's excellent!. j.

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