good internet deals with short term contracts?

  theDarkness 02:38 06 Jul 2008

im wondering if anyone knows from experience whether there are any good internet access offers with contracts of less than a yr, preferably 6 months or monthly? There seems to be a few offering such a thing, but with heavy disconnecting charges and/or help lines, making them work out at about the same price as other companies if i went for a yr contract (eg with o2) and deliberately left before it was finished.. (+o2 disconnection fee) click here
Anyone know of any good small contracts with nothing in the 'ol small print? Lol

  Taff™ 07:47 06 Jul 2008

Have a look at PlusNet click here I know several people who use it and it has a one month rolling contract. UK based help lines at Lo-Cost rates and additional data at 75p per Gig. Option Two gives 15Gb download per month for £14.99.

By the way PlusNet was bought by BT last year.

  birdface 09:59 06 Jul 2008

Not a 6 months contract,but half price just now.Unfortunately you have to take the phone package with here

  RobCharles1981 16:25 06 Jul 2008

Without a doubt "TheDarkness" I'd personally recommend you an Entanet Reseller such as Falconnet.

Check out the good packages they have on offer been with them now since April, can't fault them at all.

Would happily recommend you the 30/300 for £19.99 a month.

click here

  dms_05 09:08 07 Jul 2008

Have you thought of one of the Mobile Phone systems? '3' is offering Pay As You Go broadband for as little as £10/month for 1GB data and 1.5MB/sec. You need to buy one of their dongles at about £49 but you can then buy top ups that last for 28 days (from date of activation) and renew as you need/want. So it's monthly with no disconnection fee and you can use it as little or as much as you want and gaps in service aren't penalised. Plus it's usable on the move. I think O2 and Vodafone have offers as well but the '3' one seems very good.

  Patr100 09:59 07 Jul 2008

Another Entanet reseller I use are ADSL24

click here


  RobCharles1981 12:00 07 Jul 2008

Yes Patr100 I couldn't agree more there I heard they are very good also.

  ronalddonald 12:23 07 Jul 2008

dont you try can get PAYG 3 mobile. or a contract eith them for a year. click here

  birdface 13:55 07 Jul 2008

Some reviews about 3 Mobile here

  jimmybond 15:29 07 Jul 2008

I use T-Mobile broadband via mobile phone connected to laptop (£12.50 a month data plan add on)...but only because I have to at the moment. The service works ok for the main, but it can get patchy, and some days it won't work at all....usually when you need it most ;-)

Plus, the speed you actually get is much more variable than I've found with a BT landline based service - yes I get the 1.8Mb maximum sometimes, but other times it drops to 'fast dialup' type speeds. I think, reading the reviews of some, I'm one of the lucky ones ;-)

Also I've noticed that T-mobiles service has in built image compression in order to speed downloads up - which has the effect of making pages look a bit ragged in some cases.

I assume 3's service is much the same - some of the reviews on the link which buteman provided, didn't exactly look encouraging. So - all in all - a great idea, but only use as backup or if you really can't or don't want a dedicated phone-line/cable service...although I'm sure that mobile broadband will improve greatly over the coming months!!

  theDarkness 23:14 07 Jul 2008

The only internet i have at the moment is on this o2 sony ericsson mobile phone, almost £8 on its bolt on service for 200mb, no contract. I noticed for the same price id be better off getting a faster service for a similar price for my laptop. ive finally worked out how to access pages through the laptop screen when the phone connects on its own mobile internet service, but its dead slow. I guess that was to be expected since the internet pages are compressed normally on a mobile, with its slow webpage download rate not meant for use on a normal pc. I dont think o2 offers a faster internet service for my mobile on its bolt on offers so that it would work better when connected with a pc, but i think thats prob not worth bothering with, as some sites dont work when im trying to view on the pc using the phone as my modem, eg i cant log in.
I wanted a wireless service so i could use the laptop whilst travelling so ill try out some of those sites above, thanks

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