A good external harddrive, but which make?

  ukpostcode 21:01 07 Nov 2010

I need to get a good external HDD.
Will be storing mostly music & daily backup's on.
500GB to 1TB in size, thats reliable.
But which make to go for?
And where to buy from?

  AL47 23:36 07 Nov 2010

personally i only go with seagate or wd

Tesco, Hitachi 1 TB has been ok for me

  wee eddie 01:47 08 Nov 2010

they're all made in the same Factory, somewhere in deepest China. It wouldn't surprise me one little bit.

I cannot remember a single complaint (here) about a faulty External Hard Drive, but there must be some. I think that most Proprietary Brands would be a safe enough bet but ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remember, never rely on a single Back-up. You could get an empty case and cannibalise an old PC or two.

  KremmenUK 06:43 08 Nov 2010

If I was in the market for another one I'd be considering USB3

Not in the mainstream yet but Novatech do a USB3 card and external drives.

Allegedly 10 times faster than USB2 ?

  sunnystaines 07:36 08 Nov 2010

had a faulty one replaced it and the replacemet was faulty too must have been bad batch, they just woiuld not show in my computer, according to pcw they get a few like this. cant remember the make but were the cheaper ones in a sale.

  I am Spartacus 11:28 08 Nov 2010

The most reliable external disks I've had have been Freecom. They're not the quietest or particularly look good (if you like that) but they go on and on. After dismantling my failed drives the most common manufacturer of failed drives has been Samsung (which surprised me) closely followed by Seagate. As a double check none of the failed drives worked when mounted as internal drives.

  Covergirl 13:00 08 Nov 2010

. . . and they had a TB external drive for £60 and 500GB for £10 less. Some of their stuff looked very inexpensive and I would probably agree that they're all made by the same (few) manufacturers. Any mainstream brand name should be as reliable as any another imho.

  The Kestrel 13:24 08 Nov 2010

The Maplins 1TB external drive is a Seagate drive so should be reliable and have a worthwhile guarantee.

click here

  SB23 19:58 08 Nov 2010

I've used lots, but always go back to Seagate, for internal and external. My last expense was a Seagate Freeagent 500GB Desktop purely for backups, docs, music etc. I buy most of my accessories from Ebuyer and Novatech, depending on availability and price.

  tigertop2 20:20 08 Nov 2010

Right now the best one I know of -and I have 3- is a Toshiba 1GB. You can find it for about £59 or less if you shop around. It just does what it says on the box-no fuss-no problems.

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