Good customer service does exist

  Forum Editor 15:08 06 Feb 2004

and to prove it, here's an instance :-

last night (Thursday) at 5:30 I contacted T-Mobile, my mobile phone provider. I have to travel to America on business soon, and last time I was there it irritated me that I had to borrow an American client's mobile because my own (dual band) phone can't work in the US. I decided to get a Bluetooth enabled Tri-band model from T-Mobile. Two minutes of conversation with a very pleasant and helpful customer service representative enabled me to choose the model I wanted (Nokia T6310i)and I was informed that as the phone was in stock I would probably receive it on Monday. That sounded fine, and I thought no more about it.

At 10:30 this morning the phone arrived by special delivery - seventeen hours after it was ordered.The Post Office played its part of course, but the real accolade must go to T-Mobile, whose performance was flawless.

Now I know this isn't strictly a computer-related matter but it touches on something we discuss often - the ability (or otherwise) of large organisations to relate to individuals and provide good service. The principals involved apply, whether we're talking about a phone or a hard drive. I'm delighted with the phone by the where's that Bluetooth headset?

  georgemac 15:12 06 Feb 2004

my daughter had her phone stolen in the summer. I phoned Orange at around 2.30 PM and they offered a new handset from their emergency replacement scheme at around half the retail price, and it arrived at my door in NE Scotland at 9.30 AM the next morning - I thought that was amazing service.

  thisisnighthawk 15:14 06 Feb 2004

so you are telling me, that all these places you go to, you have never had a triband phone, shame on you.. ;-)


  byfordr 15:14 06 Feb 2004

Its always a nice surprise when companies go above and beyond.

Also if you haven't sourced your Bluetooth headset you could do far worse than getting it in America

  Forum Editor 15:32 06 Feb 2004

You only need a Triband phone when in America - dual band works everywhere else. I had a Motorola Timeport Triband for some time, but someone took a liking to it when I was in Chicago a year or so ago, and I hadn't bothered to replace it - I don't go to America that often.

I tested a Logitech Bluetooth headset for a magazine feature recently, and was very impressed with it, so I've just ordered one of those - I don't buy hardware when abroad as a rule.

  Sir Radfordin 16:45 06 Feb 2004

Reports suggest that the Nokia 6310i is the best business phone on the market so sounds like you have made a wise choice. I've been told it seems to have much better reception than other phones on the market.

  Sir Radfordin 16:46 06 Feb 2004

...should just say in contrast to this my Saumsung A800 has been in for repair with Orange since the 5th Jan! I was told it would be away for up to two weeks, then 28 days then 6 weeks...!

Good customer service does exist but until it is the norm we shouldn't be too happy.

  westdudes 17:16 06 Feb 2004

customer service can go either way.if you dont mind can i give a bad example?

my brother in law bought a pc from pc world. a sony vaio and also took out a 4 year insurance policy on it (cant spell it) and he had nothing but problems with the sis 7001 chip in's software and the bt voyager modem...also any usb he took it back to pc world straight away but they refused to even touch it....they said 'send it off to insurance company and let them deal with it (even though last time i checked they had a policy of repairing or replacing within 28days????) anywayz he rang the insurance company ...ask them about getting it fixed. they said take it back to pc world because its within 28 days!!! so he rang the pc world in chesterfield where he bought he from....and still nothing has come out of he got so anoyed that he threw the pc down the stairs and got a complete replacment from the insurance...without an sis7001 chip in it....but that meant he lost the four years of insurance...
just a little story for everyone

  Forum Editor 17:58 06 Feb 2004

I bought the 6310i specifically because of its reputation as THE business phone to have. So far I'm very impressed, reception is by far the best I've ever experienced, and I like the build quality.

  oresome 18:01 06 Feb 2004

Mobile phone operators have always been leaders in customer care. Of course they have an incentive, in that their revenue drops off whilst the phone's inactive. But it's nice when service exceeds your expectations and doesn't turn into a battle.

  josie mayhem 18:14 06 Feb 2004

But sometimes the goood service you recieve is the prelude to something even wosre!

I might have recieved the phone in double quick time, Sent exceptence forms via snail mail on wednesday night recieved the phone on friday morning.

Sadly I found out later why they were so quick, the quicker they got the phone to me the quicker they could bleed me dry!

My contract was oridganly with Sainbury's who then sold there interest onto Carphone ware house. The blup sent informing me said I would have the same benefits and condidtions as before, the only change was going to be the provider. And the free up-grade was a thankyou for staying with the contract.

Humm, It meant that it actualy tied me to another 12 month contract (I still had another 6 months or more to go with Sainbury's) It also turned a adverage month bill from 15 quid into 30 quid a month.

I was quick to phone when I realised the increase of cost, but to no avail, didn't matter what I said Customer services wouldn't listen. Only told me that was the charges per month, if I used my phone more then I could get a better rate on another tarriff, even though in reality this would mean a greater monthly outlay!

Or I could pay of the rest of the contract, meant outlaying 10 month's worth, that with sending the phone back to them, or I could pay the cost of the phone has well.

My contract with them ends in july, I can't wait, because when I turn them down with a follow on contract, the only politness I'm going to afford them is not to swear when I merrly tell them to get stuffed you must be joking and go to hell!

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