Good Customer Relations? Or avoiding a bad name for the brand.

  Diemmess 17:59 18 Jul 2013

We have a lot of garden and my part is to do what I'm told. Coarse strimming with a petrol job is OK but to reverse the angle of cut for the fiddly twiddly places, I bought a 500w B & D for around £40 some 4+ years ago.

Unlike the petrol workhorse it still looks like new and has had probably less than an hour overall running.

A couple of weeks ago the motor ran sweetly but seemed to have no contact with the cutting end.

I opened it it up. A drive belt was shredded and a pulley on the end of the shaft had lost all its teeth.

Found a very official website for B&D spares and though there was an exploded diagram this pulley wasn't labelled.

Phoned the spares place told them I couldn't find the part number. The agent excused himself for a minute, came back and said they "have an update for this machine they don't use nylon any more and its free!

All I did was adapt a suitable cardboard box, let a courier take it away and it was back in working order in 4 days at absolutely no cost to me.

Obviously a considerable loss to B&D, but encouraging to notice they care about their brand name,

  WhiteTruckMan 18:01 18 Jul 2013

I'd say that was simply good service.

Did you have to pay the P&P though?


  Diemmess 20:11 18 Jul 2013

If you mean the cardboard - No.

I had my choice from a skipful behind a discount outfit which sells among other things every sort of strimmer hedgecutter and chainsaw.

OK - I admit to using a small part of one stick of glue for the hot glue gun, and a couple of metres of finest parcel tape

  spuds 20:30 18 Jul 2013

The shredded drive belt and pulley problem is well known, so that might be a reason why you had no problems in getting a repair?.

What I cannot understand with B&D, is how very well known with easy availability of items they were once. They even had service depots or trade counter's in most major towns, now they seem to have gone into hiding?.

I had a B&D hedge trimmer that required spares, and I found it impossible to get the spare part I wanted. In the end it was down to Argos for a Spear and Jackson. Even that was made overseas.

  cream. 20:36 18 Jul 2013

Good to hear of a company with good customer service.

  Forum Editor 06:53 19 Jul 2013

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