Good camera for the money ?

  curlylad 00:59 14 Oct 2004

I am after a digital camera with about £180 to spend.
I have been looking at the HP Photo Smart R707 for £180 which looks to have quite a lot to offer functionality speaking so does anyone out there know of any 'must have' camera for the kind of money I am talking about , any suggestions ?
Thanks in advance.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:10 14 Oct 2004

The reviews look good but don't get too hung up on the 8x digital zoom - it is nothing that your graphics editor cannot do.

5.1Mp is very good for the price.

  anchor 09:19 14 Oct 2004

Having looked at the reviews and sample pics I agree it seems a very good choice at this price. I would go for it.

Diodorus Siculus is correct; ignore digital zoom figures, optical zoom is all that matters.

  spuds 09:33 14 Oct 2004

Before you purchase, check places like PC World,Curry's etc as it would appear that a number of camera's from well known companies are being reduced in prices, sometimes by half price. Possibly getting ready for the supply of new model winter stocks!.

  curlylad 11:31 14 Oct 2004

So the HP looks good then , but as you say I will have a quick trawl of the shops at the weekend and if nothing else takes my fancy then the HP it is.

I will keep an eye on this post though in case anyone has any further suggestions , hence I wont 'tick ' it just yet.

  iscanut 11:46 14 Oct 2004

I have purchased my last three camers on Internet from the following. Excellent next day service and some very good bargains. Worth a look if only to compare prices, specs etc..
Try this ... click here

  Flak999 12:13 14 Oct 2004

You can get it from click here for £175

  anchor 16:23 14 Oct 2004

Pixmania is a French company with a good reputation.

However, whatever camera you choose, I would suggest getting it from a UK supplier. There can sometimes be problems in obtaining service under the makers warranty when the product is obtained abroad. In such cases the item would probably then have to be shipped at your expense to the supplier outside the UK, (this can be expensive). If you do buy from a foreign based supplier, double check the UK warranty position.

Where did you see it at £180?. This is price summary I just found.

click here

  The Kestrel 17:09 14 Oct 2004

I bought the Olympus 725 recently with 8X optical zoom and 3.2Mp and am pleased with it. My main point however was that after searching all over the internet, I found the best price at Warehouse Express. For at least £10 less than elsewhere, for the camera alone, I got the camera plus a 128Mb xD card thrown in as well. Suggest you look up their website and try there for your camera.

  961 17:20 14 Oct 2004

Lots to be said for going to Jessops or similar to try them all for size and weight. Will it go in your pocket so that you take it with you more often

It's the quality of the lens that counts. Canon, Nikon, Olympus etc are all worth considering

Size of the digital zoom is immaterial. Min 3x optical zoom is necessary

  Aristocatman 22:55 14 Oct 2004

Have a look at the Megxon C480/Yakumo Mega Image 84D/Practica Luxmedia 4008 all the same camera 8X optical zoom plenty of them on eBay or search the web hell of a camera for the money actually made in Taiwan by Megxon - see their website.

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