Is this a good buy?

  Rebecca* 14:40 04 Sep 2004

Hi, I'm thinking of buying my son a computer for xmas but do not want to spend much as he will only be using it for MSN and games. Have just seen this one any thoughts? Is it a good buy?
click here
Thanks for any imput.

  Mister Splendid©®™! 14:50 04 Sep 2004

It would be ok for surfing the net and using MSN, but no good for any but old games. There is no dedicated graphics card and insufficient ram.

  originalmiscellany 14:58 04 Sep 2004

it's quite early to think of a computer to buy for december 25th. YOu'd be best off looking at your options in a few months time, maybe early November, where there will be as usual a number of deals on from many companies, including Dell.

The problem you have is that for a computer to run games well it comes at an expense - you need a fast and good graphics card, decent speakers, monitor, soundcard etc.

Sorry to bring bad news.

  Stuartli 15:00 04 Sep 2004

That appears to be a basic price - additions will raise the cost.

If you go to:

click here

you'll find a Packard Bell AMD XP2700+ PC, 512 DDR, 120 Gig HDDand DVD-RW rewriter base unit with Windows XP Home for £389 (there often other versions from this manufacturer listed from £279) including delivery. 12 month on-site warranty as well.

You can buy a refurbished 17in monitor from the same website from £35 upwards, as well as find other base units at various prices (inferior specifications though).

  Stuartli 15:02 04 Sep 2004

You'd save enough to factor in a superior graphics card than the 64MB provided.

  Rebecca* 15:11 04 Sep 2004

Thanks for the help might shop around a bit then.
What sort of graphics card I am looking to get for gaming then.

  BITS&BOBS 16:35 04 Sep 2004

Look towards an ATI 9600 or N'vida FX5600 these cards are arearing in budget machines now and buy christmas should be part of good budget packages.

When you say games do you mean childrens online games or games bought for the system?

  mbp 18:06 04 Sep 2004

Try to avoid accepting Windows XP preinstalled OEM Operating System behind a partition. Bargain till you get the original XP installation Disk either Home of Pro, and of course installed for you. Pro of course has features that are exceedingly useful, no matter which make of computer you choose. The other recommendations above also goes.

  spuds 20:43 04 Sep 2004

The specification of the Dell machine is very lower budget basic.Wait till about November, and you may find a far better computer system on offer. Dell machines are very good, and in the commercial world they have a good following, but for private individual usage, upgrading at a later stage maybe a problem.

  Rebecca* 20:50 04 Sep 2004

In answer to your question BITS&BOBS he plays bought in games that have an online feature
( such as Command and Conquer)
Thanks for you all your help guys might just have to up the budget a bit and get a better system. Considering how much they have come down in price since I bought my system. I think I could get a good deal somewhere for what I want it for.

  Charence 22:51 04 Sep 2004

Dell don't put the OS on a hidden partition like some companies, its supplied on the disc*.

The Dell system you've chosen shouldn't have too much problem with C&C. You may also want to consider one of these computers click here , but the Dell would be cheaper.


*True at time of posting

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