Golden Electronics - what should i do?!

  GothicScarlett 20:34 05 Dec 2006

I am sorry to start up this post again but i would appreciate a bit of advice.

The following email was one i sent to golden electronics this week it explains evrything.

On Sunday 29th October I ordered a PC package from you paying in fullwith my debit card. I received communication from you on Monday 30th October to tell me you would be debiting my account by a small amount to confirm that this account was my own. This was due to me specifying a different delivery address to my billing address. This was debited on Thursday 2nd November so I contacted you the same day to tell you the exact amount. I e-mailed you every day until Wednesday 8th November when I finally received contact to say the security check was cleared and you would now be building my computer. On Wednesday 15th November I received an e-mail from your warehouse department to inform me my order had been dispatched and would be delivered the next day on Thursday 16th November between 9am and 5pm.I was also asked to sign the delivery note "UNCHECKED" in case the computer was damaged during transit so you could make a claim or "DAMAGED" if there was clear damage to the packaging when the PC was received.
I signed the delivery note and specified unchecked. However when I took the PC and accessories out of the packaging I noticed you had not sent a power cable. Due to the fact that I had waited so long to receive my PC, that night I had to go to PC World to purchase one for myself which cost me a further £9.99. When I returned home I set up the PC and was very upset to find it was not working. The following day on Friday 17th November I e-mailed you tell you about the problem with the PC. I had no contact from you again untill Tuesday 21st November. During a series of e-mails I tried to describe the problem to you yet I found you very unhelpful and not once did you apologise for the abysmal service (I have all these e-mailed saved).On Thursday 23rd November you agreed to collect the PC and repair it and it was collected on Tuesday 28th November. I was promised by Daniel that if
I specified on the repairs form I had to send with the PC that i had not received a power cable then I would be reimbursed for it. I detailed everything about the problem with the PC and asked to be reimbursed for the power cable which was not originally sent. I also sent back all disks and manuals I received when the PC was first delivered.I received my computer back on Friday 1st December. The PC still has no hard drive connected and the DVD drive also appears to be now broken.I ordered a brand new fully working PC and this is not what I have received. I am very unhappy you haven't sent the product you promised and you still have not reimbursed me for the power cable I had to go out and buy because you never sent one. According to the TRADE DESCRIPTIONS ACT 1968 it is within my rights to demand a full refund, including the original carriage costs. Please could you arrange for this within the next 10 calendar days. I am absolutely disgusted with the service you have provided and the 'product' I have received. I will be reporting all dealings I have had with you to Trading Standards as I also believe you are in breech of the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

They have told me i will receive a full refund "But only if there is a Fault - and not a loose connection". Surely a lose connection is a fault? How can they attempt to rip me off like this?

I am debating whether to take it to a proffeshional so i have evidence that the problem is hardware related. Trading standards have advised me to let them try and repair it one more time and then approach a proffeshional if it is still broken.

I feel as if im received a bodged job mascarading as a new PC and i would be happier with a refund but i cant gaurantee i'll get 1. Any advice??

  richardcockbain 21:26 06 Dec 2006

I bought my PC from GE earlier this year and (touch wood) it has been fine, though I did have a similar problem.

When my PC arrived I was concerned that the soundcard upgrade was not included. I was happy to open the PC box and check that all the plugs and connectors were in place and found the soundcard had slipped out of its holding! Pushed back into place, fixed with a screw and (lucky for me) everything worked fine.

While a loose connection is a "fault" I wouldn't consider is serious enough to merit cancellation of the contract.

Personally I would open up the box and check the connections, which is quite easy to do. If you prefer not to do this then you could use a professional (or PC friend) to check the connections/ fault. However, if you go down this route it seems unlikely you'll be reimbursed for any costs you incur unless the check proves the fault is more than a loose connection.

From comments on this Forum it does seem that GE's build quality is poor and their after sales service is even worse. I wish you luck in reclaiming the cost of your power cable and that your wonderful new PC is working properly very soon.

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