Golden Electronics, any good??

  thestato 18:59 10 Mar 2006


I'm looking to purchase a new desk top pc for approx £600 built to my specification. I dont need a monitor so have been searching around various companys to see who look competitive. I've come across Golden Electronics.

I was just wondering if anybody had any dealing with these people previously and wheter its been a good or bad experience

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:50 10 Mar 2006

If this is the Ebay shop you would be better reading the feedback.


  Starfox 14:53 11 Mar 2006

click here

Could only find one thread about them but it looks positive.

  Zeppelyn 22:49 11 Mar 2006

I had an excellent experience with them in the run up to Xmas, wanted new PC I could spec myself for the missus, took order over phone on Thurs and delivered following Tues as promised. Pc running well and nice sturdy case too. All assembled neatly inside (I added her old hard drive). Wouldnt hesitate dealing with them again.

  Sr_Moreno 16:55 09 May 2006

I dunno, I ordered a PC nearly three weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived (their website says 5-7 days maximum). I'm also having some difficulty getting them to respond to emails. I finally got one that said it would be posted within a day and I would receive an email confirming this. That was a couple of days ago. I emailled them back looking for an update and no-one responded. Called them today and was told that it was "guaranteed" to be posted today or tomorrow, so we'll see.

I obviously can't comment on their quality but their customer service doesn't seem exactly top-notch to me.

  richardcockbain 20:06 09 May 2006

Uh-oh, I was going to place an order with them tonight - don't fancy waiting weeks for the PC to arrive. Thanks for the warning and let us know when you finally get your PC.

  richardcockbain 20:03 11 May 2006

See that Golden Electronics have a vacancy in computer assembly and repair - so that probably wont help their service.

If you want to know more about the job ....

click here

  Affable_seagum 20:14 11 May 2006

Sr_Moreno, have you received that PC yet?
I'm interested as I ordered a PC from them last Thursday (04/05/06). I'm getting nervous!

  Sr_Moreno 11:46 12 May 2006

I got the computer yesterday. Seems to be working well, though I didn't have much time to run it after setting it up last night.

I was thinking about this the other day and I realised that if they had only emailed me back to say the computer would be delayed I wouldn't have been too worried. What bothered me was the lack of response and the broken promise. At least they seem to be acknowledging they have a problem in this area if they're advertising for new staff.

  richardcockbain 11:46 13 May 2006

Sr_Moreno - pleased it finally arrived... hope you are enjoying your new "toy".

Have decided to bite the bullet and now ordered their AMD multimedia PC with a few upgrades e.g. 3700 processor and 1GB RAM. Decision was swayed by the mostly favourable comments here on the forum (thanks all), the price (just over £500), low delivery cost (£25) and no credit card charges... all in all a good deal.

Agree with Sr_Moreno that an email or two is the best way to keep in touch and clam those nerves. It is possible to check your order status online, my order currently says "being assembled" but I suspect this is just a holding comment.

Will provide an update once it arrives.

  Sr_Moreno 14:13 13 May 2006

While having a look at my settings I noticed that they actually appear to have upgraded my graphics card. Judging by the other threads mentioning shortages of certain cards that might have been the source of the delay. I'm obviously quite happy that they've given me a free upgrade, without telling me!

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