Going back to sky tv. Not allowed new equipment.

  SG Atlantis® 18:51 22 Mar 2006

I had sky tv before getting ntl in. Now I want to go back to sky...

I had sky for several years and switched to ntl, been with ntl a year and a half.

I don't have my old equipment, binned it, and the sky man in the shopping centre says I'll have to pay for new equipment and I'm not eligible for any offers.

Obviously they don't want their old customers back! If I'm taking out another year long contract surely I should get the free equipment and installation.

  961 19:10 22 Mar 2006

If you look at the Sky terms you'll see they will only pay for one free setup for each customer

However, you can buy a second hand box and get a local dealer to put a dish in for not much

A new Sky box costs around £150

The alternative is to try the Sky freeview equivalent. They'll do the lot for £150 inc new box and dish and installation. 150 free to view channels inc BBC ITV 4, 5 etc. After you have that they'll be keen to have you upgrade to a sky subscription. That may be the best way to go

  SG Atlantis® 19:17 22 Mar 2006

Thanks that's probably the best idea £150 freeview set up and then upgrade the service.

Thinking about sky plus, how much is that for a returning customer??

I'll speak to the guy tomorrow, see what he says.

  961 19:23 22 Mar 2006

I would tread carefully with sky plus. There are technical issues with these set ups (and I'm not sure you can get them on the free set up anyway)

You may do better to buy a recorder that uses discs rather than a hard drive for the time being

This technology is developing so fast it's worth giving things a while to settle. Once all the analogue in UK is switched off and high definition systems settle down it may be worth thinking about something expensive to keep. Until then, today's stuff is redundant in 5 mins flat

  dmc727 19:40 22 Mar 2006

Did also bin the old Sky dish on the roof?

A couple of years ago my original Sky equipment started acting up so rather than bother with Sky - expensive phone calls and call out charges - I purchased a new digibox and replaced it - a simple task. I also took the opportunity to replace the LNB (that pod thing in the middle of the dish) as they are prone sometimes to give reception trouble – again a simple task. Solved the problem.

The small print may stop you going back for seconds but would it exclude any partner?

961 – interesting to read your comments about Sky plus as I haven’t yet gone that route – not that I’m in a rush. Like you say there is change ahead.

  amonra 20:53 22 Mar 2006

Get partner to apply, "previous tenant has done a bunk" new contract please ???

  Zeppelyn 22:19 22 Mar 2006

I ditched Sky nearly 2 years ago and get never ending offers to go back with them , usually along the lines of 3 months free or half price and sometimes a new digibox and installation. Surely Im not the only one plagued by them monthly !

  CurlyWhirly 08:13 23 Mar 2006

I also left Sky last year after they refused to just let me pay £10 a month for the Sky+ recording feature i.e. I didn't want to subscribe to any packages and just wanted to receive the FREE channels.

As they wouldn't let me do that I cancelled but I still get the same never ending offers as you do but I will NEVER go back as I have now got a Freeview DVD recorder so what's the point?

You are certainly NOT the only one plagued with these offers and this is despite me asking them NOT to send them anymore!

  SG Atlantis® 22:24 21 Jun 2006

well I managed to get hold of one of the promos and got sky installed yesterday with a nice new curvy white box, for free.

  georgemac © 09:15 22 Jun 2006

I have sky+ for almost a year now and works great

was thinking about calling up to cancel to see if they give me a better offer to stay, but unsure, I would have liked just the free channels and sky+, would prpbably have been better buying a dvd recorder with hard drive rather than paying £99 for sky+ and I already had a panasonic dvd recorder

  rodriguez 18:35 22 Jun 2006

I had Sky+ for 18 months and on the third box. First was a Pace, worked OK for a bit then kept crashing, losing recordings etc. Second box was also a Pace and that would randomly switch itself off and fail to record. The third one was an Amstrad that was installed yesterday and I've read forums about people having problems with the Amstrads so I'll see how mine goes. The standard Pace digibox in my bedroom has worked fine for 3 and a half years though. Also when they install Sky+ it's not a case of simply swapping a regular digibox for a Sky+ box - they need 2 satellite leads so Sky have to change the LNB on the dish and run a second cable into the room for the box.

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