Go to the top if you want to complain.

  gengiscant 15:02 15 Sep 2011

I had this post Gas Price hike and as I was getting very little help from the so called customer service of British Gas I was in the process of moving to Npower. As I said I was getting so little help from customer service over several matters that rather than go through their lengthy and most of the time ineffectual complaints service I emailed the CEO Sam Laidlaw and within a few hours I had a very personable young man,I found out he was only 25 years old, telephone me who, to cut a long story short, wrote off the £44 debt British Gas had allowed to accrue and as a goodwill gesture credited my account with £75.So in effect giving me £114. My monthly direct debit has been reassessed, so for the time being my move to Npower is on hold.

So it does pay to complain and I have always felt that if you can get to the top man with your problem/complaint a better result usually happens.

This system certainly of bypassing the complaints procedure does not work with government departments who expect you to strictly abide by their set-in-stone procedures. This of course is not because they consider it an efficient way to do things, its because it takes so much time as each part of the process takes weeks,so you are more than likely to give up.

I have posted this before,but for those who missed it. CEO email

  hastelloy 15:08 15 Sep 2011

I couldn't agree more - I've used the site in your link on several occasions and it always gets results. When it comes to government departments, the best route is via your MP - provided they will take the time to write a letter (usually done by member of their staff).

  Forum Editor 16:10 15 Sep 2011

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  gengiscant 16:23 15 Sep 2011


I have a totally disinterested MP, if there is nothing politically to gain from her intervention then she gives a very half-hearted attempt at help. Unfortunately because of the antiquated system that our seems to pervade our government, if I need to put a case before a parliamentary ombudsman I have to go through my local MP which is ridiculous as she had shown no interest before it got to that stage and only asked where she needed to sign the application, before shooing me out the door.

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