Go Baby Mobile, Poor Customer Support

  Bargee 10:43 11 Jan 2013


I purchased this item, from Go Baby Mobile back in October. However I didn't get a chance to use it until I'd got my laptop in December, whereupon I couldn't get it to work with my T-Mobile dongle. I checked every setting possible, even going through the install a couple of times to no avail, it simply wouldn't see the dongle.

I contacted them about it & apart from asking me to again check my settings, I still couldn't get it to recognise the dongle. After speaking to T-Mobile, I asked Go Baby Mobile to confirm whether my dongle model number was compatible with the device & their response was to give me a short list of some of the more popular dongles that work with it. They failed to confirm whether my dongle was compatible or not.

I'm fortunate in that a fellow moorer has an older T-Mobile dongle which I tried with the device & it recognised it no problem, so my response was to suggest that the problem actually was a compatability issue & maybe I could have a refund. Their response was to re-iterate that they had many T-mobile customers using the product & that they would only consider a repair or replacement under warranty.

Now, I think I might have a claim for refund under the Sale of Goods Act, Fit for Purpose clause which states that any product you buy should perform the function you bought it to do. I contacted them again expressing dissatisfaction with their customer support & asked them to explain why I would not be entitled to a refund as the product doesn't perform the function for which I bought it, namely wirelessly connecting my dongle to my laptop. That email was sent on the 20th December & I haven't heard a word from them since. I emailed them again first thing Tuesday morning & still no response.

Have any of you had to deal with their customer support & if so, how did you find it?

Do you think I'm being unreasonable in requesting a refund?

P.S. If any of you can actually tell me how I can get the chuffin thing to work, I'd be happy.

  Forum Editor 14:16 11 Jan 2013

The company's website clearly states that you "Simply place any dongle from any network in the 3G Dongle MiFi and create your own personal password protected hotspot"

Obviously you must have a 3G dongle, and that being the case it should all work. If it doesn't, and you have carefully followed the supplier's instructions for setting up the device, the answer is no, you are not being unreasonable in requesting as refund.

I'm tempted to ask however, why you are not using the dongle by plugging it directly into one of your laptop's USB ports - is it that you have another computer which you intend to link wirelessly to the device?

  Bargee 15:19 11 Jan 2013


Yes their site does state that clearly, however my experience seems to show that statement to be innaccurate

I bought the device to free up my laptop's USB ports for an external portable HDD, memory stick, Kindle, printer, scanner etc., (all USB ATM)to save switching devices because all ports are in use. I simply think its useful to have at least 1 USB port available at all times until I can gradually replace my peripherals with wireless ones.

I'm afraid, I can't understand why they are reluctant to explain their position properly & even worse, seem content to ignore my emails. I'm certain we could solve this amicably, but if they won't talk to me, I fear I will be left with little choice but to pursue them. Not what I want at all.

  Bargee 15:20 11 Jan 2013

Oh & BTW, the dongle works perfectly when plugged directly into a USB port on the laptop.

  Forum Editor 23:18 12 Jan 2013

I suggest that you email the company and tell them what I said.

  ixtreme 17:20 29 Jan 2013

I have had the same problem with my Vodafone dongle. My partner brought one for me at Christmas and i still cannot get it to work. We have emailed the company and have sent the go baby mobile back they have tested and returned the device and said that it works. I have now sent them the go baby mobile device and also my dongle so that they can get them both working. I will let you know how i get on.

  ixtreme 17:58 04 Feb 2013

What can i say but great service. They replaced the unit with a newer version and everything works. It works on my laptop and asus transformer right away. Thank you Go baby mobile great customer service.

  Bargee 14:33 13 Mar 2013

All I can say, is that you were lucky. I now don't have either the MIFI unit or my money back after returning the thing to GBM on the advice of Trading Standards who told me I had to give them the opportunity to inspect the device for faults. I now know of at least 2 others who have had the same experience as me with this outfit.

  stulky 09:54 22 Mar 2013

I have the exact same problem, I spoke with GBM and asked about a particular dongle before I purchased it, they confirmed it would work and send me settings via email for it. I then bought the device and shipped it down to my daughter in South Africa who is working for an AIDs charity. It took about a month to arrive in the post, and it didn't work after all. After a lot of conversations with their tech support, they finally asked for the device to be sent back to them, so I had it shipped back from SA. I sent it back to GBM, initially (The first month) they denied having received it, but eventually I got it back in the post with a very cursory note saying it worked fine.

They no longer reply to my emails, so because of the inconvenience and the hassle it's caused the my daughter in her charity work I've lost my rag and am about to start court proceedings against GBM based on not fit for purpose. I'm claiming the entire cost of the episode including shipping to Africa and back. That along with the costs of the court proceedings should give GBM a pain that may make them consider customer service is a good thing, especially the Sale of Goods act side of things.

  HondaMan 11:10 22 Mar 2013

I used the "unfit for purpose" with 3G when their sim card would not work with my iPad. Having been assured by 3 that it would I bought a contract only to find later that in my particular area they had "poor" cover. It got so far as solicitors threatening court action (to recover £35) until their solicitors realised that with a "not fit for purpose" defence they were sure to lose.

  alanrwood 10:43 27 Mar 2013

In which case you would think he would be bending over backwards to give a good service and build his business.

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