Glossy CD-Rs (CD-R Direct Print)

  wallbash 18:21 07 Jan 2005

Have a canon i865 printer, which has the ability to print directly onto suitable discs.
Have successfully used the standard white matt printable discs, but is it possible to use/obtain glossy white discs. ( for those special disc's)


  €dstowe 08:27 08 Jan 2005

You can get a gloss spray-on varnish from places like SVP.

As well as giving a gloss finish, it also protects the print surface and makes it water resistant.

  maz2 16:47 09 Jan 2005

click here
If you scroll down the page you'll see datawrite printable cdr in pack of a 100 these have a glossy finish so when printed you end up with a nice shiny picture

  wallbash 17:16 09 Jan 2005

Sorry maz2 , looked at link ( have bought from them in the past) but can't work out which discs are
glossy ?? can you provide a 'product number'


  Cook2 17:34 09 Jan 2005

Anf for those black/colour on silver, I wonder if this click here is worth a thought. I realise it would need a steady hand to cut round the circle but....

  wallbash 18:32 09 Jan 2005

qoute ...steady hand to cut round the circle

not something that I am very good at!!

Looks like a glossy , pre-installed disc is nor readily available, Gap in the market!!

  Cook2 00:39 10 Jan 2005

What about printing the label, cut it out as a square, stick on CD, turn CD upside down and with a sharp Stanley knife carefully follow round the disc. Elastoplas is not too expensive. ;-/

  wallbash 00:49 10 Jan 2005

Some times the advice here needs to be taken with a large dose of humour !

Think will stick , with sticking glossy labels on to my discs

But still think there would be a market for them!

  €dstowe 06:47 10 Jan 2005

My suggestion was offered with all seriousness.

With the high rotational speeds of discs these days there are good reasons not to apply sticky labels to them. Even a slight off centre application of the label can cause the disc to be unbalanced when rotating which, at high speed can cause the disc to shatter in extreme circumstances.

  maz2 17:03 10 Jan 2005

click here CD1065

  maz2 17:07 10 Jan 2005

click here and again here

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