Giving credit card details over phone for refund

  erkmatrix 17:32 17 Sep 2007

Hi I am seeking advice, I'm having some trouble over 6 blank art canvases I purchased on the 1st of September from a company called

Really wished I'd never of bothered, I haven't received anything yet from them, I ordered 1 box which consists of six 60cm x 80cm canvases and you got a box free as there was a deal on.

I didn't received any email as confirmation but think this was my emails problem as had loadds of trouble with that, thats another story. So emailed them from my other yahoo email address and got a reply saying that they had run out of them and did I want another size instead.

Well I didn't as that was the only size that they did that i was interested in so told them, will you get anymore in of the 60 x 80 and just got a reply today saying no they won't be getting anymore of those in, which I find slightly odd as there website still has them for sale.

They then go on to say we will give you "please call me anytime on the number below so I can take your credit card details for a refund (we do not hold on to them)
We have to refund you on the same card you paid with"

Should I make a cashback with my creditcard or phone them up and give my creditcard details over the phone which I for obvious reasons don't want to do.

I paid through a shoppingcart system called Protx

Can anyone advise on what they would do.

  namtas 23:12 17 Sep 2007

I believed that the 3 digit security number had to quoted for all transactions that card owner not present to sign, I thought that was the reason for having it, ie the sale does not require a signature .

  erkmatrix 08:46 18 Sep 2007

So it is completly safe as long as they don't get the 3 numbers on the back.
Still a little unsure as it sounds a little iffy, I would of thought if they use a 3rd party shoppingcart company that like it does on amazon marketplace if you sell something you can make a refund through amazon without getting peoples card numbers

  spuds 13:23 18 Sep 2007

You may find that the retailer will need the 3 digit code. If you are unsure as to the correct procedures, phoned up your credit card company and ask their advice, at the same time you will have recorded your concerns regarding this transaction, if things go wrong.

  Marko797 17:56 18 Sep 2007

I think they do need to have the 3 numbers in order to verify that u have the card in ur possession. Otherwise, ppl could just quote ur card main details and get transactions processed illegally.

  Marko797 18:24 18 Sep 2007

Have u experience of buying something over the phone, or even the internet without providing these details then Beta? I think we'd all like to know how u managed it.

  Pine Man 19:31 18 Sep 2007

Marko797 is right it's all or nothing.

  namtas 21:27 18 Sep 2007

It is requested to confirm that you actually hold the card and have not simply obtained card details. As I said before it will be requested by the card issuer in a dispute where card signature was not obtained at point of sale. You would normally be safe if you made the call but never ever give the number out to a call made to you. I am afraid that the choice is yours, you will find most retailers will not want to do telephone business with you unless you give it.

  erkmatrix 23:00 18 Sep 2007

Yeah just to update, I wasn't prepared to give out my number over the phone, I phoned my credit card company and asked about what I should do, they said it is a risk with companies that are not well known and didn't advise on giving out the number over the phone. I like many now am maybe slightly over paranoid about these things and just try and be careful when buying over the net. It just with all you hear of identity theft and fraud over the internet, just giving your card number over the phone I just wasn't going to do if theres any risk.

My credit card company is sending me out the forms to make a chargeback, proberly a long process too.

  Spark6 16:21 19 Sep 2007

Where does the shopping cart Protx stand in this? They are, or were, the company to whom junipare gave the card details.

They would surely take out their commission before handing the balance over to the seller. In my opinion the process should have been reversed, ie, seller returns cash to Protx who then credit junipaire's account.

  birdface 11:07 20 Sep 2007

Just a little warning ,Never use a mobile phone when phoning Banks Etc as folk with scanners can pick up all your details.Always better to use the home phone.

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