Gio Internet Debt Collections ???????

  roygbiv 11:53 22 Dec 2004

This morning I received a letter from Wescot Credit Services Ltd on behalf of Gio Internet, For an outstanding amount of £15.98 (2 months Dial-up service)
Date of Issue of Debt 20-12-04. To be settled by 3-1-05.

I have been paying for this service by Tesco Visa which I have the statements to show the payments to WP-INTERNET services.

I also have emails from WORLD PAY, confirming that payment has been made to GIO on the 11th of every month.

My partner has telephoned Wescot (0870 902 3047) to explain the situation, which they have said they would “look in to it “, put the Debt on hold for 7 days, in the meantime we have to send them proof that we have paid money to GIO.

It alarm’s me that NO notification (from GIO or World Pay) that this was happening.

Can somebody tell me, who to contact to terminate the GIO service (GIO, WORLD PAY) I am going elsewhere for a dial-up service (TESCO, Perhaps).

  roygbiv 14:30 22 Dec 2004

So far, I have a printout of the past years payments via Worldpay. All the visa statements regaurding payments. Emailed Gio .

  Stuartli 14:51 22 Dec 2004

I would send a copy of the statements to the credit services company by recorded delivery requesting a response within so many days (7 or 14?) and that you are claiming suitable financial compensation for the time, trouble, expense and worry to which you have been put.

You should also ask for written confirmation that your account details have been suitably and correctly reinstated to their proper state.

  roygbiv 15:01 22 Dec 2004

havent thought about compensation ,yet.

what figure do you think is reasonable. This event is affecting my disability (CA).

AS for the email to Gio, dont hold out much hope.

  anchor 15:05 22 Dec 2004

I think you will be fortunate if Gio respond, (based on past experience of other forum members).

click here

There have also been some questions raised about Wescot Credit Services that may care to be aware of:

click here

Try to get a postal address of Wescot, and send a copy of the print out to them, (recorded delivery). If you still have no success, I suggest contacting your local CAB.

  anchor 15:13 22 Dec 2004

I personally doubt you will receive a penny in compensation; a sincere apology is the best you can hope for.

Obviously, Wescot are acting on information supplied by Gio, and you can forget even hearing from them.

  Starfox 15:49 22 Dec 2004

Good advice from Stuartli,don't expect any compensation but work on their principles,i.e a threat should bring swifter reaction.

  roygbiv 17:29 22 Dec 2004

Managed to get in to (my) Gio Internet Control Panel and printed out a statement of the last 18 months of transactions, and guess what, NO missed payments!!!

Have Gio Passed on my Details, (Data protection springs to mind)

  slysy 17:50 22 Dec 2004

I too received correspondance from Westcot, stating i owe £287.84 to Gio.

They have no idea why or for when this is for.

Having never received any correspondance from Gio about missed payements, I am extremely alarmed.
Westcot have stated that they have been informed by Gio that they never sent any correspondance.

Have can a company approach a debt recovery agency asking for them to retrieve monies from a customer wothout informing the customer!!!!
Is the legal?

Westcot have asked me to speak to Gio about it, but all telephone numbers for Gio are engaged, my gio mail dont work, I m not getting any reply via email from support and I cant log into my account to check the payment history.

To say Im annoyed is an understaement.


  roygbiv 18:00 22 Dec 2004

I have (in the last hour) logged on to the control panel. It has been playing up for a long while, can I suggest you try NOW and see what happens. It is very hard to get to (took me a long time to find it on their website)

  slysy 18:13 22 Dec 2004

Maybe I'm using the wrong link as I know that they have done that sort of thing before.

I have just spoken to a company for advise on debt and they seem to think that there is nothing that Westcotcan do to recover this debt as it does not exist, the debt has been put on hold for 45 days while they investigate.


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