Gigabyte of no help! Is computer damaged?

  Quiet Life 15:45 06 Sep 2005

I did post on the forum half the exchange of e-mails with Gigabyte a few days ago but it would seem they either refuse or are unable to respond to the question. So this is the end of the saga.
Does not say much for Gigabyte Technical Service!

Does anybody have answers to my question to Gigabyte as I am concerned over possible short or long term damage to the computer. Should I request manufacturer to change any components?

To Gigabyte Global Technical Service
GA-K8NF-9 The Athlon 64 3400 939 had been running very hot and a better CPU fan was fitted by the technician. The cooler was not seated properly and the CPU temperature as shown by Everest quickly soared to 92c. At this temperature the computer was closed down either by the motherboard or CPU.
Would reaching this temperature have done any long term damage to the motherboard and should it be replaced?

From Gigabyte Global Technical Service
You will need to send your emial to our technical department as we can not forward it from here sorry for the delay

GBT UK team

To Global Tecnical Service
I am surprised and disappointed at your slow answer to 25908. It is unbelievable that a firm like Gigabyte can answer in this way .
GBT UKteam have responded to similar questions in the past and if they can't the very least they can do is to give details of where the question should be posted.
Frustrated Customer

From Gigabyte Global Technical Service
The mail has been deleted and won't be replied

To Global Technical Service
I think it is scandalous that your global Technical Service have replied in this way. I propose in the next few days to post the exchanges on various forums that I browse. Potential purchasers are very interested on comments and experience about technical service and this case reflects very badly on Gigabyte

From Gigabyte Global Technical Service
The mail has been deleted and won't be replied

  Chegs ® 17:25 06 Sep 2005

If the PC is still working,then no you wont have suffered any damage.As you stated,the PC shutdown when it got hot to prevent any damage to components.

I have a similar tale over emailing HP Tech Support,I used their site to send my questions to their techs,received a reply stating I should ask the UK branch,so I sent the next mail to UK branch,only for them to state in their reply that I should address my questions to their USA branch.I never did get a reply from either USA/UK that related to my questions. :-)

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