Gigabyte ga-7dxe

  Head shaver 15:23 04 Dec 2004

has anybody had any experience regarding a gigabyte ga-7dxe motherboard i have been given? What is the fastest cpu that can be used? The frontside bus speed is 200/266 and it takes ddr ram, but i am unsure what to by, ie pc 2100 ect.
Can anyone help in this department? Thank you.

Head shaver.

  Rayuk 15:45 04 Dec 2004

click here
Note this is with bios F4 on the board

  Rayuk 15:48 04 Dec 2004

Also it runs PC2100 memory check click here
you can download a manual for the board.
The Gigabyte site seems to be running a little sluggish at the moment

  Head shaver 16:30 04 Dec 2004

Thanks rayuk for the quick response. I used the link to the Gigabyte site, but all those numbers confuse me, as i'm a novice at the computer game. If you wanted to by the cpu and the ram what would you ask for. Thanks.

Head shaver

  Rayuk 17:07 04 Dec 2004

Ram ask for PC2100 DDR Memory. or better still go here
click here

You want an AthlonXP 2400+ 266fsb[be careful here as you dont want the lates ones which are 333fsb ones] will try and find a link for some.

  Rayuk 17:12 04 Dec 2004

click here
You will also need a heat sink and fan should be good enough
click here

  Head shaver 15:27 06 Dec 2004

Nice one Rayuk. sorry for the delay, but i got called away. I feel a bit more confident now that i know what to ask for. I downloaded the manual it's huge. thanks for your time.

Head Shaver.

  Rayuk 17:12 06 Dec 2004

no problem when you get them if you have any problems just come back here.

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