Gift Tokens (Vouchers)

  [DELETED] 17:44 06 Dec 2003

Because I don't know what some of my friends or family would like as a gift for Christmas I thought it a good idea to get some Gift Tokens. W H Smith tokens come in different denominations but to order them on the internet the postage is £2.99 whether it is a £1, £5, £10, or £20 token.

How can they charge £2.99 for a piece of paper that would only cost 29p to post? Needless to say I didn't buy any.

  [DELETED] 18:14 06 Dec 2003

One price fits all I guess. It isn't just the postage but the staff they have to pay to meet such orders. Doesn't take much to nip into your local branch!

Could always go for Amazon as they offer e-vouchers!

  Stuartli 11:15 07 Dec 2003

Perhaps they are sent by registered or special delivery as the letter's content is equivalent to cash?

  [DELETED] 12:47 07 Dec 2003

Sir Radfordin, I agree with what you say, up to a point. But they are still paying staff salaries whether anyone buys vouchers or not. I don't mind paying a "postage fee" like, say 10 percent plus the stamp. But £2.99 is taking the mick, surely?

Stuartli, yes that could be true as well but according to my Post Office mail book "compensation up to £1000" costs £1.25

  spuds 15:04 07 Dec 2003

Recently, My local newspaper were giving away 'free' cd's. If you sent a padded envelope with a 49p stamp on it, then you got the 'free' cd. The alternative, was to send a cheque or postal order for £2.99 and they would provide the padded envelope and stamp.= £2.40 for padded envelope?.

  [DELETED] 15:29 07 Dec 2003

Just been into my local W H Smith shop and bought 3 x £20 and 2 x £10 vouchers. Total cost £80. Nothing extra for "staff costs", even got points on my whsmith card. So why should it cost £2.99 to get them posted to me?

  [DELETED] 15:54 07 Dec 2003

Life can be curel can't it?

  [DELETED] 16:54 07 Dec 2003

But the thing is it encourages you to get up and go to the store in hope you'll buy more....

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