morkin 18:57 14 Nov 2004

I am a novice computer user and would appreciate some advice.
I have bought a new system with the above monitor. I loaded Doom 3 and started to play, within 10 mins I had a headache due to the ghosting of the images whilst moving.The screen update is 20ms. I was under the impression that ghosting would not be a factor based on this response time. I have downloaded the latest catalyst drivers for the Radeon X300 graphics card but this has had no effect.Am I stuck with this image problem or can it be rectifed?.
If it is the response time which is causing the problem, what response time would be needed to get rid of the ghosting effect?.

I am considering buying a new Monitor ,if the same cannot be resolved and would probaly go for a CRT monitor this time. I want at least 19 inch screen- any recommendations?, I have seen the reviews on this site.

  g0nvs 20:59 14 Nov 2004

Sounds like a low Response time on your monitor causing the ghosting you mention. Obviously a lower response time is better when playing games or watching DVDs, my monitor has a response time of 16ms and plays Doom 3 perfectly. regards.

  Johnnie_M 22:15 14 Nov 2004

One reason this could be happening is that often on a TFT the speed of the graphics card is slightly different from the TFT, and you finda delayed response. DVI would help greatly with this however also consider that most gamers still stick with the good old CRT

  hugh-265156 01:41 15 Nov 2004

I'm no expert here but I'm thinking that its not your tft monitor 'ghosting' but your graphics card slowing down trying to play the game smoothly maybe.

although you have a pci express card the x300 is an entry level card with something like 325mhz clock and 200mhh memory speed and will not play the game as well as a higher spec agp card like a radeon 9800pro for example. have a look click here for example and comparison. choose one with a high clock memory speed and bandwidth or lower the resolution or turn off effects when playing the game to improve frame rate maybe.

  Vague Boy 11:21 15 Nov 2004

A 20ms response time is a bit on the slow side. Although response time is not always the absolute guide to whether there will be ghosting (you would really need to see a monitor in action before buying it, regardless of the quoted response time), generally speaking, the shorter it is, the better (preferably 16ms or less).

If you want a top rated 19" CRT, I would go for the iyama Vision Master Pro 454.

  morkin 21:28 18 Nov 2004

Thank you all

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