Ghost version of XP installed on new pc

  mutley5 19:57 06 Mar 2006

Could anybody please tell me if it is normal for a new pc to be supplied with a norton ghost version of windows XP installed , and the backup disk is also a norton ghost version.
The PC is an eMachines which i bought in Currys.I recently got a virus and had to reformat and this is when i discovered that i didnt have an XP backup disk
but a ghost version.
When i got my pc back up and running after the virus i tried to back it up with norton ghost but it wouldnt work. Is this because it is already a ghost image,or does it make any differance.
Also i was thinking of upgrading my motherboard and processor, what would happen to my windows xp and my hard drive, any help would be great.

  fitcher 20:40 06 Mar 2006

most do not give a windows disk now they put a norton ghost on the disk .you will be able to use disk on that machine only do the same ..

  mutley5 22:56 06 Mar 2006

If i want to upgrade the motherboard and processor will this version of windows xp work or would i be better off buying a new pc.

  961 08:45 07 Mar 2006

It is likely that the copy of windows you have on this machine is tied to the motherboard and will not work if the motherboard is replaced although you can always talk to Microsoft UK if you have an electronic disaster or something. They are unlikely to regard upgrading the motherboard as that

Buying a pc with windows installed for that computer only by the manufacturer is the cheapest way to get the latest version of windows for the machine and so the next time you buy a new pc, do the same again. If you want a copy of the windows disk you can get one from many manufacturers (inc. Dell) for an extra charge, usually under a tenner. This enables you to repair the software but be aware that the windows will still usually be tied to that machine and will not transfer to another

The alternative is to buy a machine plus a retail copy of windows. This is very much more expensive and the windows is still only allowed to be used on one machine. If you transfer it to another the existing machine is then windowless and useless to sell on. On that basis there seems little point unless you intend to retain the original machine and upgrade it as the years go buy

  mutley5 13:11 07 Mar 2006

Thanks very much for your help, i think ill just hold on for another while and then buy a new pc as this seems to be the best option.
I will look for your help again when i decide to upgrade as to which machines ofer the best performance and value for money.Once again thanks

  terryf 23:37 09 Mar 2006

If you buy a new pc get an oem copy of Winxp, OEM is less expensive than full retail. You might find a local supplier willing to sell you an OEM copy if he builds PC's but don't rely on it and don't btuit it around if he does you this favour

  terryf 23:38 09 Mar 2006

Ps spelling! meant bruit

  phil46 13:04 13 Mar 2006

Yes had the same problem with the Acer Aspire desktop after a reformat,because it came with two partitions one in FAT the other in NTFS i lost ERecovery and WXP i was lucky i had a full version was WXP so i could reinstall WXP.

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