getting a replacement under warranty

  sunnystaines 09:30 11 Nov 2014

the laptop is kaput but similar spec is now more expensive. should a replacement be of similar value paid originaly or similar spec for a close as possible match for the kaput one.

anyone been in this scenario.

  spuds 10:06 11 Nov 2014

Depends on the warranty and the age of the laptop.

If its still in warranty, and the retailer cannot repair, then they should offer "equivalent to" which need not be a brand new replacement. A refund perhaps with wear and tear might be a further consideration.

Best to contact the retailer and see what they suggest, or CAB for further advice.

  sunnystaines 10:25 11 Nov 2014

spuds thanks just wanted to know where i stood before returning. knowledge is everything these days. not expecting a problem but you have to be preparred these days just in case.

  Batch 15:57 11 Nov 2014

I would expect a warranty (if repair is not possible) to replace on a like for like basis. I.e. same or better specification (albeit maybe not brand new as spuds has said).

Depends on the vendor / warranty firm as to what they will go to. To illustrate, I had a 14 inch Polaroid LCD TV (cost £100 from Richer Sounds) go kaput after 4 1/2 years and had purchased their 5 year warranty (cost £10 - i.e 10% of the price of the TV). Took it back. After they inspected it and agreed that it could not be fixed they gave me a brand new 19 inch Samsung LED TV PLUS a new 5 year warranty. Needless to say I'm a bit of a Richer Sounds fan now.

  sunnystaines 16:23 11 Nov 2014

batch thanks, back to the store tomorrow been on their web there is only one close match which is a different make but more expensive, laptops that match my reciept have a lot lower spec. My laptop does seems to have been discontinued can find it anywhere to check what it sells for now.

  Batch 17:37 11 Nov 2014

I should add that Richer Sounds were not contractually obliged to give me that Samsung TV (and certainly not the new 5 year warranty). As I recall, the original warranty provided for something like the value of the failed unit immediately before it failed. Given that it was 4 1/2 years old I would have thought it might have been worth, say, 30 quid (that's where the wear and tear bit come in). Whereas they gave me a brand new TV that was £120 in the shop at the time.

If I were you I'd go back to the store and see what they say / offer and be prepared to negotiate hard (but always in a positive good natured way).

  spuds 17:58 11 Nov 2014

"My laptop does seems to have been discontinued can find it anywhere to check what it sells for now."

sunnystaines - Have you checked on eBay for that particular laptop. if you have and there's nothing there, then perhaps provide the details here, for a forum member to check.

  sunnystaines 00:45 12 Nov 2014

spuds its a samsung np700z5c-so3uk part of the samsung series 5 laptops a very nice laptop and very fast too But also prone to hardware and faults, would not want another in first few months had it replaced 3-4 times, then earlier this year samsung replaced the hdd and motherboard, on one of my many calls to samsung over the ongoing problems since owning a tech said some of these ones have bios problems. my particular one would always fail to install the bios updates. then of late taking ages to wake from sleep, and apps failing to load. hence a factory set on advice from samsung which broke the camels back.

i never use ebay and would not recommend this laptop anymore.

  spuds 10:16 12 Nov 2014

sunnystaines - Just had a look at eBay and Amazon for prices on your particular model, and found this click here Amazon only one click here

  sunnystaines 17:46 12 Nov 2014

glad I did a bit of homework and knew a little about computers, the tech man inthe store test the laptop and agreed it was kaput. But then tried to fob me off with a low spec laptop, he could grasp the difference between the laptops RAM and a 8gb ssd chip cache on the hdd where windows is installed he tried to tell me they were the same thing. Next once I had out him right on that tried to fob me off with a low processor laptop in the end he agreed to the lenovo i had asked about first, but when i saw their laptops they were very poor build so came away with gift vouchers

  HondaMan 08:46 13 Nov 2014

MMmmm. I think I would have insisted on a refund.

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