Getting a Rebate from NTL

  Pesala 19:41 20 Jun 2003

I have just spent nearly £20 and over one hour on phone calls from my mobile to NTL getting my account registered again. I've been a customer for eight months, and only just got access to my webspace for the first time. I have never been informed of the price increase from £14.99 to £17.99 by NTL

I feel a bit aggrieved. I could have tried harder a lot sooner, but since I had internet connection and other webspace I didn't bother. I did contact them in March and got a new PIN number, but I still couldn't access my account. Seeing how costly and difficult it is to get things put right, you can probably understand why.

The reason that I did try this time, was that my brother informed me that no money had been withdrawn from the Direct Debit he set up for the NTL account back in March. They were providing me with a service, but were taking no money for it, because I was not reregistered when I moved house in March.

Who would I write to, or contact, and would I get any rebate? Has anybody else ever got a rebate from NTL for similar reasons?

  jazzypop 20:07 20 Jun 2003

I'm not sure why you are seeking a rebate?

You chose not to use your webspace, as you say you had 'other webspace' available.

You have had free use of the service since March.

Presumably, it was your choice to use your mobile, rather than use the freephone or National Rate numbers from a landline in order to get your account details sorted out.

If you moved house in March, presumably they wrote to you at your previous address between March and now?

click here for contact methods / details for NTL, or see the back of the bills that they will presumably start sending you in the near future.

  Pesala 20:37 20 Jun 2003

I have already seen that page.

I have received one letter confirming the direct debit set up in March after I moved. I have never received any other bill or account details at my new address.

I tried dialing the free phone number in March, I got a new PIN number OK, but I still couldn't access my account. I don't have a landline so I had to use a mobile and be at my PC to register my account and get technical support.

It took a long time because NTL had not done the house move properly. I was told that with the normal procedure one retains the same account. I had to remove and reinstall my USB drivers, and they had to try several times to disconnect my modem from their end. The new PIN number wouldn't work because my modem was still registered, though my account wasn't.

The first time I tried at the beginning of June they could not disconnect my modem, and I got cut off before I could complete registration.

If I have not been charged since March, I would not also expect a rebate as well. I assume that now my account is properly registered, they will claim any arrears on the Direct Debit instruction or send me a bill. I still have no idea from when the £3 increase took effect.

The webspace was part of the deal, but I could not access it because my account was not registered. Even before the move I could not access it. Once I registered again, I could access it on the first attempt, so my earlier difficulties were not due to my own error.

I guess the thing to do is wait for the bill before doing anything, and then email or write to them. I am still curious to know if anyone else has been able to get a rebate. Over one hour on the phone in three separate attempts is a long time to resolve a problem.

  microswift 22:34 20 Jun 2003

If NTL have overcharged you they will give you a rebate. Wether they will give you a rebate for out of pocket expenses or for being unable to access your web space is unlikely, I got a rebate for the following reason; I started on the 64K service then upgraded to the 512K, a few months later I was informed that the 64K service was being discontinued and I would be upgraded to the 128K service, I contacted them to let them know that I was already on the 512K service, they told me to ignore the email, shortly after I noticed that my connection speed had slowed down considerably, I wondered was this down to SP1 or some other problem with my PC, to cut a long story short I done a speed test contacted NTL with the results and they confirmed that I had been "upgraded" from 512K to 128K, I got a free month at 512K. It may be worth pursuing a claim, but the point of this post is, welcome to NTL.

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