Getting payment print-outs from eBay ?.

  spuds 15:44 21 Oct 2015

With the recent 'splitting-up' and changes to eBay and PayPal, I seem to have a problem regarding getting print-outs after a purchase as taken place.

This was never a problem in the past, because whatever I purchased, this was followed up with the option of doing the payment and item print-out for future records.

Of late, I have been unable to do this, because the information provided after payment give the opening page with option 'printer-friendly', which you use to be able to print-out a complete invoice like document.

Now for some reason, there doesn't seem to be any identification to the item purchased, just payment details. Is anyone else having this problem. Trying to get the answer from PayPal and Ebay I seem to have drawn a blank!.

  spuds 15:49 21 Oct 2015

Perhaps I haven't made the above completely clear, so hopefully this addition will help.

It's Ebay that I am having problems with. Going to the PayPal account, after the sale is fine, because it shows that a payment was made, giving the seller details.

  spuds 14:49 22 Oct 2015

Does anyone have an answer for this?

  spuds 10:00 23 Oct 2015

I'll put a resolve to this, and see if eBay community or PayPal have an answer.

  Forum Editor 11:33 23 Oct 2015

You can download a complete payment history for your account. Just go to the payments section and click the download link. Before you do that you can also specify what details you want to see about each transaction.

Once downloaded you can print to your heart's content.

  spuds 15:43 23 Oct 2015

Forum Editor

Perhaps I haven't made myself very clear, because I assume from your response you are talking about getting information from a PayPal account. Which I already know about, having used this for a number of years now.

When a purchase went through with eBay, you are given the option of 'Pay Now'. If the 'Pay Now' is used, then a pop-up appears, which takes you through the payment stage. When payment is made, then eBay use to provide a message that payment was made, and an itemised invoice was provided, which gives the option of straight print-out out or 'printer friendly' option. I always choose 'printer friendly' because this supplied 'all' the information of the purchase needed, including estimated delivery dates, item, prices, reference numbers to auction or sale.

Since PayPal parted company from eBay, this facility seems no longer possible, because the full purchase details are no longer their, even behind the now and new 'hidden detail' screen.

Paypal have given details about changes, as have eBay, but it does not seem to cover what I am questioning, that I am now unable to get a print-out via eBay as I use to be able to?.

  BRYNIT 19:02 23 Oct 2015

From your eBay account go to your purchase history from the list of purchases click on view order details on the one you want this will tell you what you have purchased and how you have paid. To the right just above delivery address you will see printer-friendly page. Hopefully this is what you are looking for.

  spuds 23:16 23 Oct 2015


Found out what the problem was, the eBay website had a fault, that as now been rectified. I am now able to do a full print-out, containing all details like previously.

  Forum Editor 23:20 23 Oct 2015

As I mentioned earlier - you can also get all the information on your PayPal account. You get full details of the transaction, but not an image of the item.

  spuds 23:35 23 Oct 2015

Forum Editor

I appreciate that, but it was the eBay print-out, that I was having a problem with, hence the question, and my last response to BRYNIT.

I have since learnt, that there was a fault with the eBay website, and how it was providing details. That as now been corrected.

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