getting broadband

  Harpur 19:23 07 Feb 2006

is proving very problematic for me. i moved house to a new development in november and have been trying to get broadband ever since with no success. first of all i tried toucan and after 3 failed attempts due "postcode mismatch" i gave uop there. this was after 2 weeks and 4 very long queue phonecalls. then i thought why not just go back to talk talk and reconnect my account i had before moving. easy? NO! i have been trying to get it up and runing since january 3rd and still no success. why? postcode mismatch! now i had already asked why this was being rejected and was told all they knew that it kept coming back from bty rejected. so i went on to bt to see if they could help. after all it was they who told me what my new postcode would be when ever i ordered the new line. it turned out that they hadn't updated their records so that was done again. went back to talk talk and reordered again. you guessed it- rejected due to postcode mismatch! went back to bt where it turned out that they only updated my billing address and not my actual account details. this was done. so on jan 18th i reordered through talk talk, but whenever i ring to see what was happening nobody knows about it. when i rang again (at this stage we are 12+ calls to an 0870 no.)the operator could only see the rejection on jan 17th so i reordered last tuesday. at this stage there has been no word.
and the moral to this story:- if you have broadband DONT move to a new housing development and if you make sure you know that postcode and that bt know it better.
i'll let you know if i get it this year!

  hzhzhz 19:41 07 Feb 2006

Good Luck.

  Harpur 19:46 07 Feb 2006

meant to say i now live 600 yards away from the exchange!

  vinnyT 14:16 08 Feb 2006

Hi, put the 0870 No. on this site, saynoto0870 click here

They may have an alternative 01 or 02 No. to try, if so you will not be paying national rates. I've used it on 2 occasions now where they were able to supply a 01 No. (these seem to get answered faster too.)

Hope this helps.

  Harpur 14:43 08 Feb 2006

i'll give that a go


  Jdoki 12:02 09 Feb 2006

Had a similar problem with our postcode on a new housing plot.

First off the housing developer gave us a postcode that was one digit out - we confirmed the correct details by using the address and postocde finders on the Royal Mail website.

The next problem was that many companies do not update their postocde/address databases regularly - so we found getting car insurance etc online was a nightmare as the house number did not exist even if the postcode did.

It took us about 4 weeks to get broadband sorted out.

Good luck

  Harpur 20:23 09 Feb 2006

yipee!! i have broadband!! a full 2mb actually running at 2.3mb. tiscali have been as good as their word and less than 1 week from applying i have bb. still have no word from talk talk so guess they loose.
its been like loosing my right arm. so i hope to have many happy surfing.

  Totally-braindead 20:26 09 Feb 2006

I do love a happy ending.

  flycatcher 22:29 09 Feb 2006

Many Organisations do not update their Post Code Databases. DVLA would not let a new car be registered to my address (been here 25 years).
It had to be registered to a nearby house then I had to submit a Change of Address Form to get the right Postcode !!
Who has much faith in Goverment Computer Systems ? Maybe we should have Identity Cards.

  Harpur 09:49 10 Feb 2006

tiscali actually match up the telephone number to the house not the post code

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