Get your NTL broadband upgrade faster

  Never again 22:37 13 Apr 2005

Hi everyone.

I apologise in advance if this has already been discussed, but I have only just found out about the free upgrade options on NTl broadbband.

I was happily chugging away at 300kbs for £17.99 a month and they were offering 1mb for £17.99 in thier new pricing structure.

I contacted customer services who told me that if everyone knew about it then the system would probably melt down, but they offered to upgrade me there and then.

I suggest that you all get on the phone and ask to be upgraded. It only took the phone call to do it for me.

I've never been this fast before in my whole life - I've got to sit down now before I get dizzy.

  Jdoki 09:48 14 Apr 2005

The upgrade is advertised on their website.

Here's the link:
click here

Also, it would appear ppl on 750k speeds will be automatically upgraded to 2Mb, and 1.5Mb customers will soon be on 3Mb soonish... Nice!

I grant you that a happy NTL customer would not really have cause to return the NTL site and check for upgrades, but since my first speed increase I check the site every couple of months or so.

Perhaps we should keep this info quiet to keep the contention ratios down ;)

  pj123 14:42 14 Apr 2005

As Jdoki says I was on 750 at £24.99 and, although it wasn't automatic, one phone call later I am now on 2mb for the same price. Plus the phone call was free.

  Stuartli 15:45 14 Apr 2005

According to NTL's website, its 1MB service with a 3GB usage limit per month allows just one 100MB software download monthly..:-)

Something missing somewhere....

  pj123 16:06 14 Apr 2005

Stuartli, I think you are wrong there it is 1gb per day = 30gb per month. At least that is what mine is. Just looked again, you are talking about the £17.99 service which is 3gb per month but is three times better than those offering 1gb per month.

Also NTL say they are not monitoring the capping until later this year. And they also say that they won't cap anyone going over the limit unless it is blatant over use, and even then they will email a warning message.

  keef6 16:11 14 Apr 2005


I think their table suggests you could do all that stuff; web surfing, e-mails with / without attachments, downloading music, downloading software, online gaming etc, within your 3GB/month limit. I think it's a bit restrictive. Personally I think I'll stay with NTL as long as they allow me to on 300k, which is fast enough, with a nominal 30GB/month download limit which should be enough even for our 2 teenagers.

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