Get your Aldi PC before PC World does!

  SOC 12:38 21 Nov 2003

My sister got a PC from PC world last year (Yes I know that was the mistake), I was impressed with the spec at the time and it still measures up with a good spec today.

I had always presumed that it was an Advent pc (One of the "brands" PCWorld deal in). On closer inspection however it seems it was of Medion brand.

Confused by this as I was it did not take me long to figure out what had probably happened.

I had heard rumours of PC World buying the PC's from Aldi and selling them on. I presume that is what happened here.

I'm not sure how much this computer cost but I can almost be sure it was more than aldi would have been selling it for!

If this is true (I wouldnt put it past PC World), then get down to your local Aldi and get them before they do!!

If anyone has a less shocking explaination then it would certainly set my mind at rest.

  SOC 12:41 21 Nov 2003

I should also mention the Medion machine has been top notch (touch wood, knock!). No problems as of yet. So atleast I have that to be thankful of.

  TBH1 13:23 21 Nov 2003

FE - - please close this thread NOW, and all mentioning the Aldi PC on sale from Thursday; far too many people know about this and there will be none left for people who really really have to get one of these :-)

  Belatucadrus 13:44 21 Nov 2003

Medion supply PCs to a lot of people, I got mine from DABS. I think it rather unlikely that PCWorld would deal with Aldi when they'd almost certainly get a better price direct from Medion. As Medion customer service is good, if the price is OK it doesn't really matter where you get them from.

  plankton 13:46 21 Nov 2003

LOL !!!!!

  TBH1 13:49 21 Nov 2003

Belatucadrus - -PCW do indeed supply Medion PC's - - however, I heard somewhere, probably on this forum so it must be true (!) , that if you get one from PCW, then the support comes from PCW and not Medion - and by all accounts, Medion support is very very good. But I digress, where's that FE gone ????

  SEASHANTY 15:27 21 Nov 2003

The Medions sold by PC World usually come with Open Office software rather than M$ software. Not that I'm knocking Open Office I have V.1.0 installed on this Medion I am using which was an early Aldi buy.
Medions are also sold under different names by both Staples and Toys r Us.

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