Gericom laptop from Aldi

  JR8 15:44 27 May 2005

Looking at gericom laptop from Aldi - seems well specified - anybody any experience of this computer?

  Zurdo 17:02 27 May 2005

I got the Gericom from Aldi last Sept. and it's been very good apart from a graphics fault recently. I rang Gericom ( ended up in Germany!) and they arranged pickup, installed a new mainboard and had it back to me within 10 days, all under warranty.
It seems fine now.

  Gaz 25 11:40 29 May 2005

Mine was last years model. The only thing that is irritating is the HDD is a bit noisy. Is yours Zurdo?

Anyway, the new one has that solved - since they are using a Seagate drive.

  Zurdo 11:18 30 May 2005

No the HD seems OK to me. The mouse cursor stopped once and the solution I found on the net was ubelievable but worked. Remove the battery and plug the unit into the mains. The cursor starts to work as normal. Replace the battery and everything is as it should be! Don't ask me why, but it does the trick. Oh and the native resolution is a bit on the high side for my tired ol' eyes. Otherwise I'm happy.

  JR8 16:55 31 May 2005

Thanks lads. Anyone else out there with advice on this laptop?

  polo 22:36 06 Jun 2005

I have a Gericom laptop, last years model. It's fine. Only thing is that I paid £1000 for it and three months later it was down to £800. The manager of our local Lidl told me that Aldi weren't able to sell them all so they withdrew them for a few months and then reintroduced them £200 cheaper. might it be worth waiting!?

  JR8 14:30 07 Jun 2005

Thanks for the tip Polo.

  Gaz 25 00:33 10 Jun 2005

Me wonders if my HDD is dodgy, but it passes seagates tests, and SMART seems to think it's fine.

It seems to do a lot of rattling. :-s

I have a bit of an intermittent trackpad too, but... found a solution.

Uninstall the trackpad drivers - works a treat.

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