genuine v compatible laptop batteries

  Jonquiere 10:30 07 Nov 2011

Replacement battery for hp Compaq 6735s. Local company quoted £93.Don't know if this was for genuine hp. Checked 5 websites all offered what seemed to be compatibles (images did not have hp logo)but price was around £ offered 3 year guarantee. Please advise on reliability of compatibles

  spuds 11:02 07 Nov 2011

You may well find that the 'compatibles' that are available, could well be made in the same manufacturing unit as that of originals. Re-badging is not unknown, with certain products in the computer industry.

But you also need to be cautious, because some might come from 'refurbished' or poorer quality control sources. Whatever the case, see if the item is supplied with a genuine warranty of satisfaction (terms and conditions?), and that should be a reasonable but not necessarily a 100% safeguard in considering a purchase.

  birdface 14:43 07 Nov 2011

Some poor reviews on here for them.

  birdface 14:44 07 Nov 2011

Ignore last as it is not the same company.

  birdface 14:46 07 Nov 2011

Not sure why it should have changed names.

  birdface 14:48 07 Nov 2011

Nope just keeps changing names.

  birdface 14:59 07 Nov 2011

Give up cannot find them at their address or find a phone number for them.Maybe I am looking in the wrong places.

  wiz-king 13:37 08 Nov 2011

Tey need to learn to speak Ehglish! From their Contact us page "We do concern every customer and will try our best to provide the best service for all our customers"

[email protected]

145 - 157 St John St, EC1V 4PY, London

This seems to be an accountant.

  mikef. 09:51 09 Nov 2011

ASA complaint,-d-,co,-d-,uk/TFADJ_50715.aspx

  mikef. 09:55 09 Nov 2011

Link didn't work http://,-d-,co,-d-,uk/TFADJ_50715.aspx

take the gap out, but basically they never replied but have been told to stop using London address as there is no proof that they are based in London, my bet they are another Hong Kong company

  SparkyJack 10:50 14 Nov 2011

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