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  chub_tor 18:59 23 Dec 2011

I have been promising my wife a subscription to a genealogy site so that she can trace back her father's side of the family. The difficulty in choosing which site to use is that she only has to go back two generations before she hits what has so far proved to be a bit of a brick wall.

Her grandfather (and we know when he was born and died) served in the British Army out in India which is where his children (including my late father-in-law)were born so my father in law was classified as Anglo Indian, born in Bangalore but with few papers to prove his birth. Later on in his life this was to become a problem when trying to get a British Passport although he eventually did so.

So my question is; has anyone any experience of Genealogy Sites in general and which would they recommend and more specifically has anyone else tried to find details of British Officers serving in the Indian Army at the time of the Raj?

  Pepper9 13:42 24 Dec 2011

chub-tor You may find interesting to check out.

My wife and I have done a lot of genealogy so if you would like any help please send me a personal email. We have a small hobby-business. Phil

  chub_tor 14:07 24 Dec 2011

Unfortunately this forum does not allow access to personal emails and neither of us should post email addresses on it for obvious spam reasons, so we can't correspond that way.

I am torn between findmypast and ancestry, both seem to have their merits and a while back findmypast were making a feature of their Indian and migration records. 12 months ago I nearly subscribed to them. Have you any practical experience of either of them?

  rdave13 14:12 24 Dec 2011

Try 10 minute mail to start correspondence if you wish. Apols not related to thread but sometimes comes in handy.

  Pepper9 14:38 24 Dec 2011

We use both sites - they have, as you say, their own merits. You can get a free 14 day trial, may be worth looking at to see if they have the records you need?

You might like to try to Google family history tracers for contact. Phil

  Woolwell 15:33 24 Dec 2011

I use both ancestry and findmypast. I normally use ancestry but findmypast is better for the 1911 census and military records. From findmypast I was able to download the complete military records of both my grandfather and greatgrandfather who served in India (in the ranks) in the 1800's. I found these papers originally at Kew. At Kew you can get the regiments pay roll and at the back is a list of dependants with their ages. Findmypast has records of military births overseas but did not come up with some of my relatives who were listed in the pay records.

  Woolwell 15:44 24 Dec 2011

Correction to my last para - they are there on findmypast. Found their records of birth in India.

  chub_tor 16:30 24 Dec 2011

rdave13 - thanks for that tip, it could come in handy one day.

pepper9 - I haven't tried the 14 day trial on either site but I did put in the appropriate name, date of birth and death to get the overview from findmypast and it was very sparse. ancestry seemed to give a better overview.

woolwell - that is very encouraging. As I said earlier, this time last year when I started the same exercise findmypast really did seem better for these Indian Army type records and I saw on a different website about the papers at Kew.

We have been discussing the investment for an annual subscription for a while now (as a sorta Christmas gift) but perhaps we should just do a months trial on each site and then choose the one that leads us in the best direction.

Thanks to all of you, have a great Christmas, doubt if I will be back on the forums for a few days so I will tick this as resolved.

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