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  ZigZag24 11:13 29 Oct 2010

Has anybody seen this.

click here

Just priced up my perfect PC - think I will have to do plenty of saving before I can buy it.

  Kevscar1 12:20 29 Oct 2010

Not impressed. When I choose case didn't matter wether I click on show spec or show description nothing came up.
If I can't find out how usb ports it has or anything else no point in carrying on.

  jakimo 12:50 29 Oct 2010

The tower full spec. came up for me

except for last most expensive, the cheapest tower has 2 usb ports,with the more expensive type having 4

  spuds 12:51 29 Oct 2010

Seems rather geeky.

But saying 'The First' might bring objections from other computer manufacturer's and vender's.

  Kevscar1 16:03 29 Oct 2010

Thanks but my current case has 6 usb ports and 2 firewire. I would never consider choosing another one unles I could see that it had at least as many.

  Kevscar1 16:19 29 Oct 2010

Well I think you need to do some work. I certainly wouldn't trust it to make sure everything is compatible. Just gave it a run through. Corsiar Obsidian 800D case and it has let me fit 6 internal hard drives and 4 DVD-RW.
Sorry don't think they would fit.

  Kevscar1 16:47 29 Oct 2010

Well don't think they will make many sales Just added 12 sound cards various makes 4 TV cards ADSL Router, Bluetooth and Wireless LAN. Tells me congratulions you have just picked a Functional computer. Seems all this will run from a 750 watts PSU. Just went back and took out the motherboard. seems my computer is still functional.

  Uboat 16:54 29 Oct 2010

TheGeekOfficial, your website is good! it does need a few tweeks but id give you 8/10 so far, would i buy from you looking at your site! "YES" you offer a decent range or pc's and i like the site its friendly and u have the correct contact details, Its just a shame you DONT offer finance! i am desperate for a new pc, at mo ive got a Dell XPS liquid cooled Quad Extreme but i want a i7...
good luck with your business..

  Kevscar1 17:46 29 Oct 2010

Well put the motherboard back in went to checkout would have been quite happy to take my money.
There is no way you could fit 6 harddrive 4 dvd drives 12 sound cards and 4 tv cards in the case and to the motherboard let alone get it to function.

  Brumas 17:49 29 Oct 2010

"the user does not have to worry about whether components will work together or not"
That's why I migrated to an iMac ;o}}

  Forum Editor 19:07 29 Oct 2010

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